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Everything You Need to Know for Natural and Matte Skin Makeup

Matte and natural skin makeup are one of the rising makeup trends of recent years. Not only because it is a trend, but because it makes the skin look smoother and more natural, we love matte makeup. Although oily skin loves matte skin makeup, those who have dry skin like us can do matte skin makeup. When using the right products, matte makeup will not dry out the skin, it will look bright and matte at the same time. How to make natural matte makeup? What are matte makeup products? We explain what you need to know about dull and natural makeup with products of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Mat base selection

Matt and at the same time will not show dull skin, natural makeup if you want to find the right makeup base. I think we found some make-up base that prevents skin glare and makes your makeup look natural!

If you’re looking for some makeup based on your skin imperfections and needs, you should meet Avon’s Mark series as soon as possible. Avon Magix Face Primer was the most useful one in this series. In order to hide the pores in the nose edges and forehead region, we apply this makeup base equally to our T region and then to our entire face. If you want to get this product, you should contact your Avon representative!

Matte and natural complexion products

Matte and natural skin make-up when you said you need to choose the right makeup. A few hours later, instead of glare to make sure that the foundation of your products should be matte skin.

Avon Mark Nude Matte Fluid Makeup SPF 20 is at the top of our matte foundation list, where we are 100% confident in our matting. Thanks to the slim structure of Avon Mark Nude Matte Fluid Makeup SPF 20, the natural finish on the skin and the incredible formula that hides all of our skin imperfections, our hand goes first when we say matte makeup. The matte foundation must be completed with a matte finish. Use the Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick for non-closing skin imperfections and color unevenness after applying foundation. Apply the concealer to the edges of the nose and under the eye. See on page 64 of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Fix matte makeup

Matte makeup does not shine how much the foundation of the talent depends on the choice of powder. The powder you use should have a matte finish, but should not have a molding effect on your face. It is not impossible to find a powder that is too thin to accumulate in the mimic lines and is effective enough to stabilize your makeup all day long, we have already found it!

Avon True Setting Powder makes our makeup look stable and matte all day long. We sometimes prefer this just to fix our under the eyes and sometimes to give a matte appearance to the whole complexion. Thanks to the transparent powder, there is no color change in our skin make-up.

Where is natural matte makeup used?

Natural and matte makeup styles we like to use most weekend. We use simple makeup models to look fresh and modern in dating. We make natural and matte skin makeup to hide our skin imperfections while looking simple and look smoother than we are.

In matte and natural make-up, you should try to put your eyes to the forefront by simply filling your eyelash bottoms instead of making eye makeup intensely. One layer of mascara and nude lipstick on the lashes! You’re ready.

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Mark. SpectraLash Mascara From Avon Brochure October 2019

Today’s topic is about Avon Mark SpectraLash Mascara from Avon Brochure October 2019! What do we expect from a mascara? Length and volume are the top priority, while not lumps and easily come out when applying. So if you’re wondering which one of these features we’ll find together, we have a great mascara for you: Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara. One of the most beautiful parts of the Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara, which extends eyelashes instantly, gives volume, and most importantly, doesn’t lump when applying.

The Structure of Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara From Avon Brochure October 2019

Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara, with its curved brush that extends from thin to thick, the bristle brush perfectly fits the lash line, grasping each lash individually and lengthening it. With its innovative bristle brush and special formula, it never clumps and lashes remain soft after drying. If you’re looking for a mascara that leaves a soft touch to your eyelashes but you can feel the full and voluminous effect of the mask, Avon Mark SpectraLash Mascara will be the right choice for you!

Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara’s most enjoyable part app! Thanks to this non-clumping mascara, it is free to apply as many coats as we want! Even though we’ve driven twice before, we’ve removed the mascara that sticks to our eyelashes. Even though Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara and 3 layers of mascara are applied, our eyelashes do not stick together and there is no weight. Thanks to Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara on special occasions or daily make-up, we can look perfect all day long without having to carry a spare mascara with us.

Let’s talk about how the Avon Mark. SpectraLash Mascara is cleaned: if only wet cotton is enough, what do you say? If you’re looking for a practical mascara to clean in a snap, without the need for dual-phase make-up removers, it is your new eye. After wetting the make-up cotton with hot water, you will see that it comes out easily without the need for a long scrubbing. Remove residual makeup around eyes with eye makeup remover. The fact that this mascara comes out so easily is a blessing, especially for sensitive eyes!

Some Other Mascaras From Avon October 2019 Brochure;

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8 Things You Should Know Before You Dye Your Hair

You will see some information about things to do before you dye your hair and product recommendations from Avon Brochure November 2019. The first is that you must prepare for the perfect density of hair color before opening the package. The process to achieve the best color starts without opening the package. Here’s what you need to know before painting. Does the length of hair affect the amount of dye? Yeah. If your hair is thick hair or your hair exceeds your shoulder, you may need two boxes to achieve the best saturation. Furthermore, since the long hair tips will absorb the dye further, the dyeing time of the tips may vary.

Do The Hair Types Create Difference?

Different hair types vary in the dyeing process. What to consider is whether the hair is thick or fine stranded. Coarse hair has a longer absorption time. Therefore, the dyeing time lasts longer.
Fine hair will absorb the dye more easily and the dyeing time will be shortened. In dry or permed hair, the dye is absorbed very quickly. However, the dyeing time varies depending on many factors other than the general characteristics mentioned here.

Should I have my hair cut or permed before painting?

Having your hair cut before dyeing will show the actual effects of the dye. The dye will also reveal your haircut.
The same applies to perm. The perming process will not interfere with the newly applied dyeing process.
If you use permanent dyes that last until your hair grows or re-dyes your hair, wash it at least once after waiting for 7 to 10 days before you dye.
Some Semi-Permanent (up to 8-12 washes) and Longer Semi-Permanent (up to 28 washes) hair dyes can be applied on the same day as perming unless they irritate your scalp. Check the result table in the package to make sure. Either way, consider the structure of your hair before dyeing. Perms and straighteners open the pores in your hair, allowing the dye to absorb faster.

Should I wash my hair before painting?

You should not wash the hair just before you dye because it causes the loss of natural oils that protect your scalp.
Hair 12 to 24 for Semi-Permanent (up to 8-12 washes) or Longer Semi-Permanent (up to 28 washes) dyes; For permanent paints, it should be washed 24 hours before.

Can I mix colors?

You can adjust the color that suits you best. However, for best results, mix 2 to 3 tones of lighter or darker tones as you prepare your color.

When does the period begin?

Set the timer as soon as you finish painting according to the time indicated on the package.

Should I use hair care cream after dyeing?

It is best to use the hair care cream supplied with your hair dye in the box. Because the hair care cream that comes with your hair dye in the package has been specially tested to give your dyed hair softness and shine. However, you must do extra maintenance after the end. You can rely on Avon for this. Take a look at the Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment series, which has been developed specifically for damaged hair! See page 43 of Avon Brochure October 2019 for more information.

When should I paint my hair again?

Longer Semi-Permanent dyes last up to 28 washes; If you wash your hair every day, this period is about 4 weeks. In Permanent Paints, when your bottoms begin to appear, the paint needs to be renewed after about 4 to 6 weeks. As long as you follow the bottom dyeing steps, you will have no problems with your hair.

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The Healthiest Way To Dry Your Hair With Avon Products

In this article, you will see some information about the healthiest way to dry your hair with products of Avon Brochure October 2019. If you have a hair structure that is electrified or difficult to take shape, you will see tips on hair drying in this article! Just thinking about the drying process can prevent especially long-haired women from going into the shower before going anywhere. If you have a thick hair structure that becomes electrically fast or difficult to take shape, or if you have hair that dries out very quickly because it is fine, we have come to give you tips on hair drying. Let’s start!

If you dry your hair randomly, you don’t pay much attention to your hair health. Because drying hair is not as simple as it is supposed. For this reason, we will talk about some things to consider before using the hairdryer and when using the hairdryer.

1. Use hair conditioner

If you have hair that is electrically fast and difficult to open, or if your hair has been treated with dye and highlights, apply hair conditioner from the middle of your hair to the ends (never the hair follicles) after washing. This helps your hair to be opened more easily and also prevents the ends from breaking when combing. The conditioner holds the moisture that the hair needs and helps to repel the water to prevent hair from absorbing more water than is required after showering. On Avon Brochure October 2019, you can see many selections for your hair. Check it out.

2. Do not apply a brush or comb to your hair without dehumidifying

First, dehumidify with a good towel. Squeezing your hair before getting out of the shower is also a good way to get more water. Immediately after leaving the bathroom, wrap your hair with a towel. If you think that your towel is not good, does not draw water well, soft towels with paper towels, just as you dry the greens washed with towels, remove excess water in your hair. You can also use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

3. Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb

After removing excess water from your hair, you can now comb or brush your hair. If the ends of your hair are very broken, if you are weak, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush. In this way, you prevent your hair ends from breaking. At the same time, if there is still water in your hair, you will ventilate your hair with thick toothed combs.

4. Wrap your hair with a towel

Even if you think you have dehumidified enough, wrap your hair again with a dry towel. While your towel takes moisture from your hair, you can also take care of your daily care and apply your creams.

5. Apply moisturizer to your hair tips before you begin to dry your hair

In order to prevent and strengthen the break of hair ends, many different brands began to produce hair care oils. These moisturizers are applied to moist hair ends, making hair ends more healthy and strong. Apply a suitable moisturizer according to your hair type.

6. If you want to dry your hair thoroughly, get out of the bath

The steam in the bath you just made with hot water will prevent your hair from drying out in a humid environment. Therefore, dry and style your hair in another room, not in the bathroom. Moreover, when combined with the hot, steam-filled bath coming from the dryer, it will create a hammam effect, causing you to sweat and fatigue and slow down the drying of your hair. Switch to your bedroom or dressing room. On the other hand, you do not use a power tool on wet surfaces, but you also ensure your home safety.

7. Check if your hairdryer has more than 1 temperature

You should not dry them at a hot temperature while your hair is still moist. Therefore, it is necessary to first switch to cold-warm and then gradually to heat. The hottest temperature is to give curls and so on. should be used in forming stages. In this sense, when you start drying your hair with a single machine, you will damage your hair. Therefore, turn to machines with more than 2 temperatures. Remember, in the summer evenings, when we go out with our wet hair after the bath after the sea, how beautiful our hair dries and takes shape. Give your hair a summer evening breeze while you dry your hair.

8. Take time for hair drying

The hastily dried hair has difficulty in shaping and is damaged quickly. Well-dried hair bottoms also invite diseases such as colds and sinusitis. You should definitely not get cold from your head area, especially if you have a migraine. Therefore, you should make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry when leaving the house. For this, it is useful to turn to hairdryers with high engine power but at the same timeless damage to the hair, where the airflow is well regulated.

9. Use your hair dryer according to your hair type

If your hair is fine hair, if there is a volume problem, dry your hair by tilting your head forward and hold the machine from the bottom up by shaking continuously.

If you suffer from blistering of your hair, scrub with a soft hairbrush.

Especially if you have a fast-breaking hair structure and entered your hair extension process, your life is spent in hairdressers to get broken, keep the machine speed and temperature low while drying the hair. Because high heat breaks your hair and damages your scalp.

10. Do not blow-dry dry hair!

Never blow-dry the hair. If you are going to use the dryer for hairstyling, always moisturize your hair with hair care products or stylers.

Bonus: I HAVE VERY Rushing!

It is not recommended to use alcoholic products as it normally dries the hair, but if you are in a hurry and your hair is still wet, alcohol spray or foams with an alcohol content will dry your hair faster. It also makes hairstyling easier.

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Special Products From Avon Brochure October 2019

In this article, you will see 2 of Special Products reviews from Avon Brochure October 2019. Therefore, you should browse this article and get your needs with good options to reduce to cost of shopping!

Avon Mark The Big Graphic Longwear Liquid Eyeliner is a felt-tipped liquid eyeliner that provides an even line in one move. This product provides up to 24 hours of permanence. It has an intense black color pigment. It allows soft and controlled application. For more details about it, you can check out page 70 of Avon Brochure October 2019.

Avon Mark The Big Graphic Longwear Liquid Eyeliner:

– Felt-tipped liquid eyeliner that provides a perfectly even line in a single movement.

-This product has a waterproof formula.

-It provides to create thin to bold lines.

– Eyeliner is an ideal product for new learners to take, easy to apply.

– To clean makeup, you can use Avon oil-free eye makeup remover. It is a high performance, extremely light makeup remover that easily removes even water-resistant makeup without scrubbing. It is great for sensitive eyes and is also ideal for wearing contact lenses.

Avon True Power Stay 16-Hour Matte Lip Color is a liquid lipstick with high-density pigments, leaving a lighter feathery feeling on the lips, giving lips gloss and moisture. Also, it never leaves a sticky feeling. The unique blend of oils in the hybrid formula provides shine while giving the lipstick a durable and moisturizing structure. Its special applicator gives the color evenly and perfectly to the lip. It can be used alone or on another lipstick. This liquid lipstick with 7 colors has the effect of giving the lips a vivid, vinyl look. Dermatologically tested. Therefore, Look at page 61 of Avon Brochure October 2019 for more details.

Avon True Power Stay 16-Hour Matte Lip Color:

– Liquid lipstick with high-density pigments, leaving a lighter feathery feeling on the lips, making the lips bright and moist.

– The unique blend of oils in the hybrid formula provides lipstick’s glossiness, durability and moisturizing effect.


Glossy Oils: Provides a comfortable, non-sticky feel and a polish-like appearance.
Liquid-Ink Technology: Uses a minimum amount of wax to give weightless and dense pigment.
Ultra Fine Pigments: Provides an intense, rich color. – It can be used alone or on another lipstick.

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True Color Flawless Concealer Stick From Avon Brochure October 2019

In this article, you will see some information about Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick from Avon Brochure October 2019. It effectively conceals skin imperfections and dark spots with its creamy texture and rich formula. Long-lasting. You can apply it in layers, and its concealment can be adjusted from medium to high.  Also, the eye around and percent available. Therefore, it is quite practical products. Very simple to use and easy to carry. A product you should always have with you!

Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick:

– Creamy texture and vitamin-rich formula effectively hide skin imperfections and dark spots.

– You can apply it layer by layer, its concealment can be adjusted from medium to high

– You can apply this product on your face and around the eyes.

How is it applied?

– Use the Avon True Color Flawless Concealer Stick gradually to create the least noticeable effect, gradually increasing the coverage.

– Apply the stick directly to your face, with the heat of your fingers or the Avon Cream Blending Brush.

– Apply Avon Pressed Powder to fix the concealer.

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