How To Clean Your Face Properly?

Today’s topic is about how to clean your face properly with special products of Avon Brochure January 2022! Our skin is the most important building block that shows our body effectively. Our skin is exposed to many things during the day and can become worn out and lifeless over time due to various factors. By cleaning our skin as necessary and with the right methods, we can protect our skin hygienically and make our skin look more lively and smooth.

How To Clean Your Face Properly?

How to do daily skin cleansing? If you ask, there are some tricks you should pay attention to in this regard. If you pay attention to these tricks, you can have an effective and perfect skin. Also, you shouldn’t forget to use Avon products. Many discounted cleansers are waiting for you on Avon January 2022 Brochure PDF!

The structure of the skin is important when cleaning the skin. Whichever skin type you have, your skin should be cleaned in accordance with that skin structure. In our article, we will try to share informative content about how to do daily skin cleansing in accordance with the skin structure.

AVON Cleansers;

Daily Skin Cleaning;

The most suitable and effective method to relax and clean your skin, which is polluted and exposed to various effects throughout the day, is to clean your skin with water. No matter how high quality it is, water is very important as the best cleaning method. Recommendations for facial cleansing;

Do not forget to wash your face every morning when you wake up.

Since our skin will become oily and dirty during the night while we sleep, the first thing to do in the morning is to wash your skin with water. With water, you can make your skin look more lively. Afterwards, you can apply cleansing foams and creams suitable for your skin type. It is possible to find many good products for every skin type on Avon Catalogue January 2022. Browse them!

When you go out, you can use sunscreen to protect your skin, especially during sunny times. In the evening, you can also use water to clean your dirty skin during the day.

AVON Peeling;

Applying applications such as skin masks and peeling more than 2 times a week can tire your skin and cause even worse effects. Therefore, it would be logical for us to limit such applications.

If you have eye makeup, you can clean your eyes first. After cleaning the face and neck area, you can rinse your face well with water.

Avoid washing your skin with extremely hot water. Extremely hot water causes your skin to lose its moisture balance. Therefore, it is recommended to wash with warm water.

Continue rinsing until you are sure that your skin is thoroughly cleansed after the products used.

After washing and cleaning your skin, don’t forget to apply moisturizer right after. The opened pores will try to absorb the moisturizer better and repair more quickly.

Never use any product on your skin. We cannot say that every advertised product is good or healthy.

If you want your skin to be firmer, you can apply a tonic. If you have a night cream that you use before going to bed at night, you can also apply your night cream after thoroughly cleaning your skin.

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Makeup Trends of 2022

We are opening the season so let’s see makeup trends of 2022 with Avon Brochure January 2022! Let’s see what the world podiums that we look forward to every season and refer to in terms of make-up tell us for 2022. Although we have experienced strong changes in our hair-make-up habits in recent years, the only thing that has not changed is our passion for beauty!

Makeup Trends of 2022

We follow the make-up gurus of social media, famous names and of course the world catwalks closely for inspiration. While the 2022 trends signal that we will leave the modesty under the mask and go for assertive interpretations in terms of make-up, they invite us to be much more courageous. Of course, we will not miss the lip and skin make-up, but 2022 is literally the year of the eyes. Colors, lines, light reflections; all of this and more is starring the eyes.

Color Explosion

Take your eyeshadows, which have the most vibrant and brightest tones of the color palette, out of the drawers because in 2022, colorful eye makeup is more popular than ever. However, do not think of standard applications; Now is the time to use colors much more boldly and unusually. An endless sea of inspiration awaits you this season, from dispersed colored eyeshadow applications to layered eyeliners and even eye-catching sparkles. If you are looking for a good eyeshadow, you should check the Avon January 2022 Brochure PDF in detail! Many good discounts and exclusive selections are waiting for you!

Misty Look

It is impossible to ignore the effect of smoky, foggy, misty eye makeup! All you need is a bitter brown eyeliner and a full-tipped brush to diffuse it. If you wish, you can also apply with black eyeliner as on the Tom Ford podium, but let us give you a tip; brown eye pencils make the eye color look much brighter. You can add a much more dramatic and striking effect to your make-up with copper tones that you will use on your eyelids.

Creative Applications

Graphic eyeliner applications, which have found more and more place in daily make-up in recent years, are leveling up this season and leaving their place to much more artistic and creative looks. With the felt tip eyeliner in pen form, you can go beyond the ordinary and create completely unique eye make-ups. The Givenchy podium is one of the best examples of this.

Every Shade of Red

This season, the eyes are at the forefront, but the red lips, whose time and season never pass, continue to dominate; even more diversified. You can determine the red that suits you best according to your skin tone, hair and eye color in a wide scale ranging from pomegranate flower to broadside. Moreover, there is diversity in the structures. It doesn’t matter as much as possible with a matte or satin finish; The choice is entirely yours.

Clear Skin

Since No makeup makeup came into our lives, we said goodbye to heavy products and layered applications. This trend continues in 2022, even skin make-up becomes more transparent. In order to achieve clear and natural looks as possible, you can prefer thin-colored moisturizers that are almost water-like instead of thick foundations with powder. The look we want is an unconcealed but monotone and luminous finish. If you need a light foundation or powder, you must view Avon Catalogue January 2022! Many special solutions can be browsable on this leaflet!

Luminous Eye Springs

This time, not the outer corners of our eyes; As in the Lanvin fashion show, we focus entirely on the eyes. If you wish, you can apply with luminous eyeshadows, or with intense pigments or illuminators. The important thing here is to increase and fix the glow as much as possible. Then spray some makeup fixing spray on your brush and apply it that way. You will get a much brighter and lasting appearance. You can diversify your make-up with soft color transitions.

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How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape?

Today’s topic is about how to apply blush for your face shape with Avon Brochure January 2022! You should check this article and learn the best tricks and good information. Also, see good Avon products and their amazing discounts!

A touch of pink in place, a natural glow on the face. Make sure you take the right steps to awaken a fresh and healthy glow on your cheeks. Let us remind you that there are different blush and usage patterns to apply to every face shape and skin type. At this point, how would you like to listen to famous makeup artists to get the best cheeks in your life?

Blush is one of the most popular make-up products for every woman. The most beautiful image for all ages. Universal purpose; adding a touch of color, brightening your complexion, and adding softness to your overall look no matter what face shape you have.

For the way of use, it is useful to listen to the following recommendations. You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush, depending on your comfort level and the type of blush you use. You can apply the blush by touching it to distribute the color evenly. If you need to blend more, use a foundation brush with a small amount of product added on top. Thus, it has an even distribution on the skin. Place two index fingers near your nose and begin to diffuse the blush upwards and outwards from your outer finger.

How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape


Swipe your blush higher and blend it towards the ears. Don’t end your brush strokes with hard lines to open up your face.


Round face shapes should continue applying blush in a softer approach. Gently apply your blush on your hands, swiping the brush strokes upwards to refine the structure of the face with very soft touches.

Square and heart-shaped faces

For square and heart-shaped faces, the use of blush allows to add more dimension to the shape of your face. Start using your eye as a guide and place the brush on the cheek according to the outer eye line and start applying. This touch adds soft angles to the face and adds beautiful color.

How to Use Blush According to Skin Type?

Acne and Textured Skin: If there is a texture in that area of the face, cream blush tends to draw attention to them more, so it is recommended to use powder blush.

Normal/Dry Skin: Definitely use a cream if your skin is wildly dry and the thought of more makeup isn’t your thing. It would be prudent to give liquid blushes a chance.

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Anew Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Concentrate

View the general information about collagen and Anew Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Concentrate with Avon Brochure January 2022! When you check this article, you will see useful information and good product recommendations! Let’s read it and check out the good products and beauty tricks!

Anew Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Concentrate;

Just like collagen in the human body, there is another molecule that is more present in youth and decreases with age, which most people do not notice. This is the essential molecule that most people do not know about, but is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid, a gel-like molecule acts as a filler in your skin. It can hold 1000 times its weight in water in the skin cells, thus reducing wrinkles as an excellent moisturizer.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid;

Scientific studies for hyaluronic acid has been mentioned frequently recently. They show that this molecule increases hydration in the skin. It contributes to increasing collagen production and maintains the elasticity of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which we usually encounter in skin-related care, aging and beauty. Due to its location, it is the tissue that gives vitality to the skin. Actually, human body produce naturally. It is one of the most important factors that makes the skin look moist and supple. Thanks to its high capacity of water retention, as we have just mentioned.

AVON Products including Hyaluronic Acid;

Hyaluronic acid is found in certain tissue types in the human body. These textures; epithelial, connective and neural tissues. Besides these main tissues, it is also found in soft tissues and vitreous fluid of the eye.

While the production of hyaluronic acid in the body is 100% at young ages, just like collagen, its production decreases in later ages. The decrease in Hyaluronic Acid directly affects the production of collagen. Therefore, the body starts to need hyaluronic acid support just as it needs collagen support. Using collagen supplements containing hyaluronic acid will be more beneficial for the body.

So here is the Anew Anti-Wrinkle Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Concentrate! If you want to check out more skincare, you can take a look at the latest Avon Brochure. It is full of useful cosmetics here. Also, you can go to the home page and see good beauty tips and special Avon products! Here u go!

How to Get Rid of Static Hair

Check out solutions to get rid of static hair with Avon Brochure January 2022! We are under the influence of cold and rainy weather. Unfortunately, our hair does not stay like we leave the house in such weather! Isn’t there a cure for hair that is affected by moisture, electrified and swell? Of course there is!

How to Get Rid of Static Hair;

You are ready to go out, your hair looks great. What about when you get home? Unfortunately, cold and rainy weather affects the hair a lot. Especially if you have curly hair that tends to frizz. But there is no room for concern; With the right applications and supporting products, it is possible to prevent electrification. Just follow our tips and see Avon January 2022 Brochure PDF.

Start Taking Precautions in the Shower!

The drier your hair is, the more prone it is to frizz and frizz. Therefore, give priority to products that give intense moisture in the shower. After your shampoo, you can apply a moisture mask 2-3 times a week instead of your daily hair care cream. These types of products help to close the gaps in the hair strands and strengthen the weak areas. In addition, we can say that coconut oil is supportive in this sense. Apply to your hair, especially the ends, 2-3 hours before you take a shower, wrap your hair with a towel and wait.

AVON Hair Care Products;

Dry your hair.

This step is very critical because the main cause of electrification is the increase in the volume of hair strands due to moisture. If you go out without drying your hair thoroughly, the humidity in the air will cause your hair to swell even more, become electrified and spoil the shape you have given. However, be careful not to use excessive heat while doing this, and to keep the hair dryer below a certain degree, because high heat is one of the biggest enemies of hair. If your hair is curly, getting help from vigo while drying will make your curls much more regular and distinct.

Do Not Comb Static Hair.

Your hair has become electrified, fluffy and huge. The remedy is not to control it by combing; Combing causes the already fragile hair to break even more and look rough. In such a case, be sure to style your hair using your hands until the next shower. Take care to gently and gently open the mingling waves with your fingers.

Hair Serum

And most importantly, always have a serum in your bag that will allow you to intervene in your hair in case of emergency. Many good AVON Hair care can be browsable on Avon Catalogue January 2022. You can also choose a hair oil that will moisturize but not weigh it down. This type of products that do not require rinsing are easy to carry and apply in all conditions. Take a few drops of oil in your hand, warm the product in your palm and apply. Thanks to the anti-frizz ingredients in the formula of the products, the hair will recover quickly. If

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Best Skin Care Product Combination

In this article, we shared the best skin care product combination with Avon Brochure January 2022! If you want to get the best results, you should follow these steps while using these special AVON Products! Browse the latest Avon Catalogue and buy awesome solutions!

It is our duty to do the best for the skin, which is exposed to many effects every day. If you want to do something for your skin, which is exposed to air pollution, make-up, lights and many other factors during the day, you must first get to know your skin. For this, you can consult a dermatologist or determine your skin type yourself. If your skin is shiny and moist, you have oily skin, if your skin is flaky and lifeless, you have dry skin, and if the two are mixed, you have combination skin. It is necessary to use different products for each skin type. Let’s take a look at the latest Avon Brochure and find essentials for your skin at low prices!

Collagen is a must for skin care! One of the biggest causes of skin dryness, lack of moisture, wrinkles and tired appearance is the loss of collagen. Consuming collagen half an hour before breakfast when you wake up every morning is one of the most important ingredients for skin health.

AVON Cleansers;

Washing your face well in the morning and evening with a cleanser suitable for your skin type and drying your face with a towel that you will only use for your face each time. We recommend that you dry it gently, not by rubbing a towel on your skin, but as a tampon.

To tone the skin after washing. The pores have been cleaned by the washing process, it’s time to remove the residues, namely the application of tonic. Especially if you have oily skin, you should definitely purify the remaining residues in order to tighten the large pores. If you are looking for healthy and useful cleansers, you can check out Avon Catalogue January 2022! There are many good products here!

AVON Serums;

Skin serums are one of the indispensable steps of the skin care routine. Serums with corrective and reparative effects prepare the skin for the moisturizing step. The most important task of serums is to increase the effects of skin care products applied on them. The serum you choose according to the needs of your skin will make a visible difference in your skin. If your skin needs moisture, you can use a serum with hyaluronic acid, if there is a loss of wrinkles and shine, you can use a serum with vitamin C. A wide range of skincare can be browsable on Avon January 2022 Brochure PDF! Browse it and get the best!

Favourite AVON Skincare;

AVON Moisturizers;

Oily, dry, sensitive. No matter what skin type you have, moisturizing the skin is the most important. Especially if you have dry skin, the moisturizing step will remove the dry appearance of your skin and prevent exfoliation. If you have oily skin, you should forget about the prejudice that your skin will become more oily when you use a moisturizer. By choosing oil-free moisturizers in gel formula, you can maintain the moisture balance of your skin and prevent your skin from producing more sebum.

AVON Sun Care;

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter, it’s one of the most important of the four seasons; suntan cream! Using sunscreen only in summer is one of the biggest mistakes made. The rays emitted by the sun are in contact with the skin every season, and this reflects its negative effect on your skin. Sunscreen is one of the most important products that you should not remove from your routine.

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