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Avon Brochure January 2023

Check out the best AVON Products and competitive offers of the season with Avon Brochure January 2023! These are the best discounts of the new year! You should check this Avon Catalogue and discover the latest products at low prices this month!

Avon Brochure January 2023

The Avon brand is now a legend in the beauty world. For over 125 years, the brand has been concerned not only with feminine beauty, but with women in general. It offers skin care products, make-up and perfumes.

You can find all Avon products online today! You can also try this famous brand. For example, skin care Anew draws attention with its hair products Advance Techniques, Luxe collection, skin care products Planet Spa as well as Avon Baby series for children. View Avon January 2023 Brochure and see the best!

Advance Techniques Care for healthy, shiny hair

Every hair is different and requires individual care according to the structure of the hair. Hair care brand Advance Techniques took this issue seriously and renewed its product lines. At the Avon Innovation Center, cutting-edge technologies have been used to optimize ingredients and develop new products to deliver fast, visible results in hair care.

Find the perfect care line for your hair type and fight against damaged and dull hair!

Dry hair

This treatment helps you intensely moisturize your hair to repair damage like split ends from too much color or styling. Thanks to keratin and nourishing oils, overused hair is repaired and feels silky, soft and healthy.

Fine and straight hair

Thanks to these products and the hyaluronic peptide complex they contain, fine, straight hair regains its volume and shines with a good shine. The formula works from the root, making hair look thicker and adding extra moisture.


Hard-to-control, frizzy hair quickly becomes smooth and manageable with this treatment line. Innovative Lotus Shield Technology eliminates frizz and leaves hair bouncy, while Avocado and Shea Butter provide extra conditioning.

Anti hair loss

Helpless and brittle hair prone to hair loss can be perfectly restructured with these products. The biotin-caffeine complex it contains helps to reduce hair loss by stimulating cell regeneration.


This treatment fights visible signs of dandruff and regenerates hair and scalp. Thanks to the zinc pyrithione it contains, it neutralizes the itching of the scalp and prevents dandruff. Also suitable for men and teenagers!

AVON Products for Healthy Hair;

  • Avon Color Hair Colorant, P219
  • Naturals Chamomile and Aloe Daily Hair Treatment Mask 150g, P129
  • Naturals Mixed Berries and Silk Protein 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 180ml, P149
  • Avon Naturals Ginseng & Keration With Vit B+ Complex 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 180ml, P129
  • Avon Care Men Essential 3 in 1 Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner 250 ml, P159
  • Advance Techniques Ultra Smooth Conditioner 200 ml, P169
  • Avon Care Men Cooling 3 in 1 Shower Gel, Shampoo & Conditioner 250 ml, P159
  • Advance Techniques 360 Nourishments Conditioner 200 ml, P189
  • Naturals 2 in 1 Pearl Essence and Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner 180ml, P149
  • Skin So Soft Timeless Body Serum 200 ml, P199
  • Advance Techniques 360 Nourishments Shampoo 200 ml, P159
  • Advance Techniques Ultra Smooth Shampoo 200 ml, P189
  • Avon Care Baby Gentle Wash and Shampoo, P175
  • Avon Baby Day and Night Set, P299
  • Advance Techniques Hair Fall Control Leave in Treatment Spray 100ml, P279
  • Naturals Avocado and Macadamia Conditioner 180 ml, P149
  • Naturals Avocado and Macadamia Shampoo 180 ml, P149
  • Avon Naturals Golden Apricot and Shea Conditioner 180 ml, P129
  • Naturals Golden Apricot and Shea Shampoo 180 ml, P129
  • Naturals Nourishing and Moisturizing Ayurvedic Hair Oil 100 ml, P199
  • Advance Techniques Hair Fall Control Shampoo 200 ml, P189
  • Advance Techniques 2 in 1 Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner 200 ml, P169
  • Avon Advance Techniques Supreme Oils Conditioner 200 ml, P179
  • Advance Techniques Supreme Oils Shampoo 200 ml, P169

Spring Care at Home for a Healthy Skin

Discover spring care at home for a healthy skin with products of Avon Brochure October 2022! We have shared with you the care steps that we can apply for moist and healthy skin, for a little more inner peace and self-love.

Spring Care at Home for a Healthy Skin

Our skin performs cell renewal overnight. It secretes oil and hormones necessary for self-healing. Therefore, if your skin is not very oily or you do not have a special skin treatment, it will be sufficient to wash your face with clear water without using gel when you get up in the morning.

Day skin care

Then, apply AVON Moisturizing Facial Mist to restore skin hydration and pH balance. Moisturizing facial mist calms your edematous skin overnight. If you need extra moisturizing during the day on your hands and skin, which have been dry due to constant washing recently, you can still spray this mist.

Then apply AVON Revitalizing Eye Serum for brighter and more vibrant looks. Warm the product a little between your fingers and apply it around the eyes with small pressures. In this way, you will protect your eyes from the blue light of computers, TVs, phones and tablets that you are exposed to throughout the day.

Favorite AVON Skin Care;

  • Anew Luminosity Ultra UV Shield SPF 50+/PA++++, P399
  • Anew Luminosity Cleanser 125 g, P399
  • Avon Anew Luminosity Toner 100 mL, P399
  • Anew Luminosity Serum 30 mL, P799
  • Anew Luminosity Night Cream 15 g, P499
  • Avon Anew Luminosity Cleanser 30 g, P149
  • Anew Luminosity Day Cream 15 g, P499
  • Anew Luminosity Night Cream 50g, P799
  • Avon Anew Luminosity Day Cream 50g, P799
  • Avon Serum Foundation 30 mL, P399
  • Anew Renewal Activating Serum 30mL, P899
  • Anew Luminosity Sheet Mask, P79
  • Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream 15g, P249
  • Anew Protinol Skin Hero Hydrogel Plumping Mask, P199
  • Nutra Effects Fluffy Foam Cleanser 150ml, P199
  • Naturals Rose And Pearl Tone-Up Powdering Cream 50g, P159
  • Avon Naturals Papaya Deep Cleanser 100ml, P99
  • Naturals Rose And Rosehips Deep Cleanser 100ml, P89
  • Naturals Cucumber Deep Cleanser 100ml, P89
  • Anew Vitamin C Warming Peel 75ml, P399
  • Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum 30ml, P999
  • Anew Reversalist Revitalizing Night Cream 50g, P999
  • Anew Reversalist Perfecting Day Cream SPF 25 UVA/UVB 50g, P999
  • Avon Anew Retroactive Night Cream 50g, P799
  • Naturals Cucumber Peel-Off Mask 100g, P199
  • Anew Fairness CC Cream In Natural 50g, P899
  • Naturals Moisturizing Pomegranate Sheet 1 X 24 ml, P99
  • Naturals Refreshing Lime Sheet 1 X 24 ml, P99
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Soothing Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml, P229
  • Avon Nutra Effects Brightening Essense in Lotion 95 ml, P399
  • Anew Fairness Night Cream 15g, P249
  • Avon Anew Reversalist Eye Cream 15g, P399
  • Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25 50g, P999
  • Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots (1.3 ml x 7), P999

Moisturize your Skin!

The last step of daytime skin care is skin hydration. You can apply AVON Moisturizing Gel to moisturize and energize your clean skin. While the gel containing kumquat provides the moisture it needs, it also gives a fresh and lively appearance thanks to vitamin C and antioxidants. Since it continues to provide moisture for 24 hours, it also treats the dryness caused by stress and seasonal change in your skin.

After completing your morning care routine, you can wake up your body with a small yoga session, drink a healthy breakfast, freshly brewed green tea flavored with flowers, and start working and your daily work.

Night skin care

Although we do not wear make-up and are not exposed to the polluted city air, our face gets dirty and our pores are filled during the day. Therefore, wash your face in the evening with a gel with clean ingredients suitable for your skin type.

Then, reapply AVON Moisturizing Facial Mist. You can use mist morning and evening and during the day, whenever your skin needs it. After making small stimulating massages on clean skin, apply a thick layer of Avon Repair Night Mask. This product will make you have a more moist, lively, healthy and bright skin. After these treatments that you will do regularly every day, your skin will have a much healthier and radiant appearance in a short time.

Enjoy the Summer with Sun Protection

Temperatures are rising and summer is finally here so let’s browse products of Avon Brochure October 2022 and enjoy the summer with sun protection! In the following article, you can learn how to best protect your skin. Summer sunbeams have so much power!

Many people underestimate the effects of sun exposure. They forget that the sun, which is very good for the body and soul, can also damage the skin. In order to enjoy the summer carefree, sun protection is an important issue from the first minute of the sun.

Enjoy the Summer with Sun Protection

The sun puts you in a good mood! Even a few sunlights have a positive effect on our body and mind.

Our bodies need the sun to absorb vital solar vitamin D. This stimulates metabolism, respiration and blood circulation. But the sun also has a downside. The first sunburn usually doesn’t last long. But we have a responsibility towards our skin in particular: Overexposure to the sun causes the skin to age faster, dry out and cause permanent damage.

Radiation that goes under the skin

This is due to the UV radiation emitted by the sun. This is electromagnetic radiation that the human eye cannot see. It consists of ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. These rays of light hitting our bodies cause the skin to turn brown, but they can also be very dangerous.

UV-A rays are responsible for tanning. But they also cause the skin to age faster, damage the deeper skin layers and attack the elastic connective tissue.

UV-B radiation is more energetic than UV-A radiation. It is responsible for sunburn. It also damages the upper layers of the skin. Permanent damage to cells increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Make sure your sunscreen always has UV-A and UV-B protection!

Would you like to enjoy the summer to the fullest without sunburn? With Avon must-haves, you’re well taken care of when it comes to sun protection. Start your sunny day with a conditioning lotion or spray. They promote tanning with beta-carotene, vitamin E and coconut oil and are applied under sunscreen.

Avon Sun Care

  • Avon Care Sun+ Bronzing Lotion
  • Care Sun+ Tanning Oil Spray
  • Avon Care Sun+ Bronzing Oil Spray with SPF 15

Tanning Sun Care

Avon Care Sun+ sunscreens protect your skin and offer light, medium to high sun protection. They also provide moisture and are quickly absorbed so that no sticky residue is left on the skin. Whether on land or in water – all products are waterproof.

Effective Solutions;

  • Avon Care Sun+ Moisturizing Sunscreen Spray SPF 15
  • Avon Care Sun+ Fast Drying Sunscreen Spray SPF 30
  • Care Sun+ Turquoise children’s sunscreen spray SPF 30
  • Avon Care Sun+ 3-in-1 sunscreen SPF 30
  • Avon Care Sun+ Waterproof sunscreen SPF 50
  • Care Sun+ Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50

Sun protection for every need

Having trouble with oily sunscreens on your skin? Then Avon Care Sun+ Face Shine Control sun protection is the ideal solution for you. Mattifying cream and light tinted BB cream are both quickly absorbed and provide a mattifying effect.

In the summer, many women want light makeup. The skin should be able to breathe and achieve a summery, healthy tan on the face. To make the skin look even, ANEW Solar Advance is the optimal solution here. In addition to mattifying and lightly tinted care, your skin is protected from harmful UV rays with SPF 50. Skin cells that have already been damaged by the sun are repaired.

AVON Sun Care Products;

  • Avon Care Sun+ Mattifying Sunscreen SPF 50
  • ANEW Solar Advance Mattifying Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 50
  • Avon Care Sun+ BB sunscreen SPF 45
  • ANEW Solar Advance Colored Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Avon ANEW Solar Advance Transparent Sun Protection Spray SPF 50

You come home tired after a long day in the sun. A rich moisturizer after sunbathing is very important. Après products with regenerative ingredients can repair minor sun damage to skin cells.

Beauty Tips for Face and Body in Summer 2022

Discover Beauty Tips for Face and Body in Summer 2022 with Avon Brochure October 2022! Top tips for a summer tan and perfect summer complexion. Make your skin glow with these beauty hacks! The best tips for radiant summer skin.

Beauty Tips for Face and Body

We are looking forward to the sun! You can read the best beauty tips for beautiful, glowing summer skin here so you can really show off your complexion. Whether you’re struggling with pale summer complexion, aren’t heading south this year, or just want to give your face and body the right radiant highlights to take home. We love beauty hacks for the perfect summer glow because they make us feel good on our own skin!


Our skin is in a continuous process of renewal and renewal. Regular exfoliation is essential to support this process and remove dead skin cells. This is how we lay the foundation for beautiful, radiant summer skin and naturally fresh skin!

Clearskin’s soothing cleansing scrub with aloe vera and chamomile extract gently exfoliates your facial skin and removes excess oil.

Bronzer for fair skin types

Fair-skinned types have a hard time, especially in summer. Not only because they burn more quickly in the sun, but also because tanned fair skin is often accompanied by painful sunburn and only turns into a light summer tan after further torture in the scorching sun. Our opinion: It doesn’t have to be!

Because the alternative to sunbathing couldn’t be simpler: it’s a self-tanner. After all, you no longer have to compromise. A naturally beautiful tan, for example with Skin so Soft Shimmer Spray, without blemishes and harmful UV rays. A self-tanning lotion will give your skin a nice glow and keep it moisturized.

Prefer a golden shimmer lotion? Then Skin so Soft Enhance & Glow bronzer with step effect is just for you.

This gives you a naturally beautiful summer complexion without having to expose yourself to the direct sun for a long time, thus minimizing the risk of premature skin aging.


Whether professional makeup artist or self-taught, highlighters have long been an integral part of the beauty industry. After all, people love to reach the sun’s rays from the bottle, especially in summer. They make the face look like sun-kissed and give a fresh, summery look when applied in the right places.

But where is the highlighter applied? We want to create sun rays on the face and body with the highlighter. To do this, you have to look at where the highest points are on your face and apply some highlighter there. You can highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, the heart of your lips, and also the inner corners of your eyes.

Effective Avon Makeup Products;

  • Flawless True Matte Pressed Powder
  • Flawless True Matte Dual Powder Foundation
  • Avon Glow Dream Collection Mini Makeup Palette
  • Flawless True Matte Dual Powder Foundation Refill
  • Avon Glow Dream Collection Perfectly Matte Lipstick
  • Cotton Matte Lipstick
  • Matte Real Stick Foundation
  • True Color Glimmerstick Lip Liner
  • Perfectly Smooth Lipstick Spf 15
  • Colorlast Lipstick
  • Matte Lipstick
  • Perfectly Delicate Matte Lipstick
  • True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer
  • True Color Dual Ended Brow Pencil
  • Ultra Luxury Eye Liner
  • Eyeshadow Duo
  • 2-In-1 Liner & Eyeshadow Duo
  • Metallic Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mark. Perfect Eyebrow Styling Duo
  • Perfect & Hide Concealer Stick
  • Smooth & White Dual Powder Foundation Spf 24/Pa+++
  • Mark. Nude Matte Fluid Makeup Spf 20
  • Mark. Nude Matte Pressed Powder Spf 30
  • Buffing Foundation Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush With Smudger
  • Ideal Oil Control Plus 2-In-1 Matte Foundation 18 G & Concealer
  • Avon 2-In-I Cushion Cloud

It is important to pay attention to the dosage so that the look remains suitable for daily use. Just see for yourself where the sun’s rays hit your face. You can capture and hold this moment with highlighters. If you have a cool, light skin tone, you should use silver or pink pigmented highlighters. If you have a warmer skin tone, gold-pigmented highlighters are a good choice.

You can apply a little highlighter on the body along the collarbone, on the shoulders, or on the outside of the arms and legs. But here it is also important to pay attention to the dosage. Discover AVON Enhance & Glow body lotion with shimmer effect – this is how you give your skin an even glow in the sun.

Find Your Favorite Summer Fragrance with Avon!

Now is the best time to find your favourite summer fragrance with Avon Brochure August 2022. The sense of smell is the closest of our senses. It directly affects the limbic system in the brain.

Favorite Summer Fragrance with Avon

We often associate many happy memories with summer. Fragrances can protect them forever! On a gloomy gray rainy day, this perfume from last summer immediately gives us a feeling of light, carefree, light and warm days.

Tips for using your new summer fragrance!

Best time to apply perfume: Right after shower. Due to body heat, skin and hair absorb odors particularly well.

The drier the skin, the harder it is to absorb the aromas. A pre-applied neutral, moisturizing lotion enhances the longevity of the fragrance.

In the summer, spray once or twice on the knee pits or the folds of the arms. Fragrance can develop well in these pulse points and they are more protected from the sun than the neck and décolleté.

Refresh the scent throughout the day with appropriate body sprays or lighter eau de toilette.

Pocket sprays and 30ml bottles are a space-saving option to take with you on vacation or on the go.

Favorite scents can be very well integrated into the morning and evening ritual. A mood-enhancing fragrance before you leave the house serves as a prelude to the day, and in the evening, another sensual scent puts you in the perfect mood for the end of the day.

Fragrances should be stored in a relatively cool, dark and dry place. Therefore, the bathroom is not an ideal place. A storage room protected from light in the bedroom and cabinets and drawers is more suitable.

The Best AVON Fragrances of the Season!

Avon December 2022 Brochure

Discover the best products of the season with Avon December 2022 Brochure! New prices, products, and offers are featured on this Avon Catalogue. So let’s view all the pages and products for a good shopping!

Also, some tips to choose good skincare for your skin health can be found on this article. If you see special tricks and useful Avon products, read it!

Avon December 2022 Brochure;

There are many different researches and opinions about eye cream and serum. Since the eye area has a very sensitive and thin skin, it should be supported with products produced for the eye area. At the same time, eye creams and serums help to keep the eye area young and moist, and to prevent bruising and wrinkling of the skin that is tired all day.

Avoid oily products

First of all, we cannot use face creams in that area as they are too oily and heavy products for the eye area, and we should not apply very oily eye moisturizers to our eyes. Because too oily products can not be absorbed by the eye area and cause inflammation. For this reason, it is beneficial to moisturize the eye area with delicate and thin products as much as possible. Many healthy solutions are waiting for you on Avon Brochure December 2022. Browse them and buy the best at reasonable prices.

Eye Serums

If your crow’s feet have started to show themselves, if there is a darkening of color around the eyes, it is useful to use an eye serum. Moisturizers are sufficient for young eye circles, while slightly more mature eye circles need extra care.

For this reason, you can provide a more vibrant and youthful eye area with a serum suitable for the problem. Preferably, it is useful to use products with retinol for wrinkles and dark circles, hyaluronic acid ingredients and refreshing serums for dehydrated eye area. A wide range of serums are available on the latest Avon Brochure. Browse them in detail!

Eye cream application

It is useful to apply eye creams around the eyes with the tip of the ring finger, which is the most sensitive finger. Warm a small amount of product on your fingertips by rubbing 2 fingers together and apply it around your eyes with tampon movements. Starting from the inside and rubbing outwards will carry the product, so applying with a buffer motion is the most correct method for feeding.

Also, be careful not to bring the product to the bottom of the lashes. If it gets into the eyes, you may encounter health problems.
Do not forget that you will always have a young and lively appearance as long as you take care to use products suitable for the skin and area. You need to be very careful about what you bring close to the eye area, which is the most sensitive skin, and the eye, which is one of the most sensitive organs. In order not to encounter major problems, we need to take precautions and keep our eye area under control.

The Best AVON Skincare!

  • Anew Luminosity Cleanser 125 g, P399
  • Anew Luminosity Toner 100 mL, P399
  • Avon Anew Luminosity Serum 30 mL, P799
  • Anew Luminosity Night Cream 50g, P599
  • Avon Serum Foundation 30 mL, P399
  • Anew Lifting Dual Eye System 20g, P599
  • Avon Anew Renewal Activating Serum 30mL, P1099
  • Anew Luminosity Sheet Mask, P99
  • Avon Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream 15g, P499
  • Anew Protinol Skin Hero Hydrogel Plumping Mask, P249
  • Nutra Effects Fluffy Foam Cleanser 150ml, P249
  • Naturals Rose And Pearl Tone-Up Powdering Cream 50g, P129
  • Anew Vitamin C Warming Peel 75ml, P499
  • Avon Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum 30ml, P799
  • Anew Reversalist Revitalizing Night Cream 50g, P599
  • Naturals Cucumber Peel-Off Mask 100g, R189
  • Anew Retroactive Day Cream SPF 20/Pa++ 15g, P499
  • Anew Fairness CC Cream In Natural 50g, P899
  • Naturals Chocolate & Milk Dual Mask 40g + 40g, P159
  • Anew Reversalist Revitalizing Toner 100ml, P399
  • Anew Reversalist Revitalizing Cleanser 125g, P399
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Clarifying Toner 100ml, P149
  • Avon Nutra Effects Brightening Essense in Lotion 95 ml, P399
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Soothing Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml, P249
  • Clearskin Pore And Shine Control Moisturizer 75ml, P189
  • Avon Nutra Effects Brightening Essense in Lotion 95 ml, P399