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Everything You Need to Know About Fragrances Notes

Let’s see everything you need to know about fragrances notes with Avon Brochure November 2020! The most unique fragrances of the world, which almost turn our heads when we smell, consist of notes created by combining some selected aromas. Perfume notes, which are an important detail for us to choose the right perfume, consist of three layers.

Top Notes

When we first squeeze it, the fragrance we feel in 15 minutes expresses the first note of the perfume. You can think of this layer of light molecule chemicals as the fragrance that convinced us to buy. Vegetable elements such as citrus fruits, lavender, thyme, basil are generally used. If this sharp smell that you feel when you first spray your perfume leaves you indecisive, it is better to wait for a while before giving up. Because the scent you will carry on you is hidden behind the Top notes.

Heart Notes

It is the Heart note to the layer, which shows itself with the loss of the opening top notes from the first moment we spray the perfume. This note is the focal scent of the perfume. In other words, the main fragrance you want to reveal and carry on us. The message the perfume wants to give to its smoker.

Base Notes

The last layer that emerges after the heart notes have lost their effect. This layer, consisting of chemicals with low volatility, large molecules, is actually the layer that determines the quality of our perfume. The quality of the base notes in perfume also extends the lasting life of other notes and acts as a retainer. As for how to understand whether the bottom note is of good quality, the secret of this is hidden in the content of our product.

Popular Fragrances from Avon November 2020 Brochure;

  • Imari Velvet Eau De Toilette
  • Far Away Infinity Eau De Parfum
  • Sweet Honesty Moments Eau De Toilette Spray
  • Avon Cherish Purse Spray
  • Viva La Vita Eau De Parfum
  • SWEET HONESTY ME Eau De Toilette
  • HerStory Eau De Parfum

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Avon True Power Stay Lip Color

Let’s see Avon True Power Stay Lip Color from Avon Brochure November 2020! There are some rules we all have to follow lately. Mask, distance, and hygiene are the most important of them. On the other hand, we love makeup! This is where all the products in the Power Stay family come into play. Even if you wear a mask with non-smudging formulas, your make-up remains as it was first done.

Avon True Power Stay Lip Color

This lipstick, which is much lighter than any lipstick but also much more permanent, is the new member of the Power Stay family! It is permanent for up to 10 hours, moves with the lips to prevent it from dispersing during the day, so there is no flow or contamination. You can find the most suitable color for your skin color with 10 different permanent pigment color options. You will love this light lipstick that feels like you don’t have it on your lips!

Make sure your lips are smooth before applying your lipstick to achieve the best results. The drip-shaped tip will help you while driving. If you are using a bold color, you can use a lip brush for easier application. Take more of your lipstick with a tissue and apply another coat so that your lipstick fits on your lips.

How do I clean Power Stay Lip Color?

To remove, pour Avon True Oil-Based Micellar Cleanser onto a cotton ball and gently wipe your lip from the outer part to the middle. You can apply True Color Lip Care Oil to nourish your lips after removal. Make sure that the cap of your lipstick retains its form.

Make-up from Avon November 2020 Brochure pdf;

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Avon Shimmer Blush Stick with Avon November 2020 Brochure

See Avon Shimmer Blush Stick and useful tips about how to apply blush for your face shape with Avon Brochure November 2020! As a complement to perfect make-up, the attractiveness of blush comes from the way it drives. In order for the cheekbones to be prominent and the skin to gain vitality and color, the blush should be applied correctly. While applying blush, a choice suitable for facial features should be made and the correct brush should be used.

Perfect Look with Avon Shimmer Blush Stick;

For a perfect look, you should apply the blush lightly on a large area. After that, you should apply one more layer to the place you want to highlight. But be careful not to exaggerate while doing this. If you are using powder blush, choose a medium-thick brush. Use the small brushes with the blush’s own brush to freshen makeup. These are not suitable for use while wearing makeup. If your blush is over or dark color, you can reduce the intensity by applying a ton of light powder from the skin color.

How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape;

  1. On the round face, you should draw the brush in a V shape. Your face will look longer when applied like this.
  2. To reduce the effect of the square chin on a square face type, find your eye center, look at the combination with the cheekbone, and apply the blush there. This way you will soften the square look.
  3. In people with a rectangular face, blush should be applied to the cheekbones clearly, and it should not exceed the limit of the nose.
  4. If it is in the shape of an oval face, blush should be applied to the cheekbones and temples. In this way, the cheekbones will be more emphasized.
  5. The important part is the controls made to keep the skin natural. It is to ensure that the brush and blush are integrated into your skin. Until the color is natural, it should spread blush on the skin, and the blush should never stay like a two-color spot. You should do this with a clean blush brush.

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Eyeliner Application Methods

Here are eyeliner application methods with Avon Brochure November 2020! How to apply eyeliner that makes eyes and looks more expressive, of course, a randomly applied eyeliner causes the eyes to look bad and lose their beauty. You will definitely need eyeliner, especially when you are doing smoky eye makeup. You can make up with eyeliner without eyeshadow. Let’s take a look at eyeliner application techniques.

One of the most important elements in eye makeup is how the eyebrow structure is. You can paint the gaped parts of your eyebrows with your eyeliner. There are also eyebrow pencils for this, but the eyeliner also works. Use only black or brown eye pencils when painting your eyebrows. You cannot use other colors on the eyebrows.

You can also use eyeliner instead of eyeshadow. All you have to do is apply it to your eyelid and distribute it with your finger. You can get smoky make-up with the eyeliner you will draw under the eyes. If you do not prefer smoky eye make-up, apply the eyeliner only to the outer part, and you can draw a thin line like eyeliner on the eye. If you draw a thin pencil to the lower part of the eye, your eyes will be emphasized and their shapes will be revealed.

It is possible to apply cat eye makeup with eyeliner. You should extend your black thin and pointed black eye pencil to the temple area. If you draw an upward line from the lower part of the eye, you will get cat eye makeup. Eye pencil applying tips are that simple. It is an ideal way to highlight your eyes and load expressive looks.

Avon November 2020 Brochure pdf;

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Beauty Tips with Avon November 2020 Brochure

Everyone has their own daily care routine but we shared useful beauty tips with Avon November 2020 Brochure pdf. Most of us spend a certain amount of time a day on makeup, skincare, or looking more beautiful. With a few small and useful tips we will give, you can create big changes in your appearance in a short time or you can easily apply practical information that will be useful for you in makeup.

Beauty Tips;

You can wash your old mascara brush and use it as an eyebrow brush.

Massage your face with ice molds. Ice massage helps your skin stay alive and tightens your pores.

While applying mascara, cover those areas with a plastic spoon and paint your eyelashes on the spoon so that your eyelids and under-eye areas are not stained.

To get a fuller look on your lips, apply a liquid or powder illuminator right in the middle of your lips after applying your lipstick. Here, make sure that the light colors do not cut out suddenly, but spread well.

To make your lips look fuller, apply a pencil in the same shade as your lipstick just outside your lip line and paint the inside with lipstick.

If you run out of BB cream, one of the favorite products of recent times, and you didn’t get a new one right away, don’t worry. If you mix your foundation with moisturizer and apply it, you will see the same effect. The point you need to pay attention to here is to use double moisturizer as much as the foundation you use in your mixture.

When choosing a foundation, try the color you get on your neck, not your face. Since the neck area receives less sunlight than the face, the foundation you apply may cause a sharp color transition in your neck area.

Favorites from Avon Brochure November 2020;

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Ways to Revitalize Your Hair

Your hair may be damaged due to the sun, city dust, pool, and seawater so we shared some ways to revitalize your hair with Avon Brochure November 2020. In this case, you can restore your hair’s former health by using the right hair care products and applying a few natural methods suitable for your hair type.

However, before starting the care, you should consider why your hair may be damaged. Because not all hair care treatments are sufficient to solve every problem. For this reason, you should first start using a product suitable for your hair type and then try natural care cures at home.

What to eat for healthy hair?

Due to unhealthy and malnutrition, your hair may appear dull and your hair structure may deteriorate. In particular, consuming foods rich in folic acid, copper, protein, zinc, B12, iron is important for the protection and improvement of hair health.

Foods that should be in your diet for strong and healthy hair should be: Salmon, lamb, chicken meat, banana, whole-wheat foods, legumes, eggs where you can store B vitamins.
Folic acid is a B group vitamin that is effective in hair growth and strengthening of hair. For folic acid, you can consume foods such as spinach, tomatoes, bean, asparagus, artichoke, Brussels sprouts, sunflower seeds.
For zinc, an effective vitamin in hair health, you can consume mineral water, red meat, turkey meat, grains, legumes, and fiber foods.
One of the most important causes of hair loss is iron deficiency. You should consume mineral water, almonds, avocados, beans, cereals, dates, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts, peaches, pears, chicken, zucchini, raisins, rice, and grains.
You can also add copper supplements for healthy hair. Copper-rich foods; prunes, offal, shellfish, sardines, nuts, peanuts, almonds, mushrooms, seeds, wheat bran, and whole-grain products.

For healthy hair, you should use hair care products suitable for your hair type. You can find the most suitable product for your dry, oily, dyed, worn, or mixed hair types among shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and hairstyling at Avon. See Avon November 2020 Brochure in detail and view many useful hair care products at low prices!

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