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Today’s topic is about Short Hairstyles and we shared some products from Avon Brochure March 2020 Philippines! The long hair reaching to the waist ends up in the fashion world. Since short hair is both more modern and practical to use, it started to be preferred more. Short haircuts were the savior and practical model of women who could not spare much time for hair care and hairstyles in the hustle and bustle of life. The arrival of hot weather and summer months is another reason why short hairstyles are preferred.

There are many options in short haircuts. Such as folded short haircut, blunt haircut, pixie short haircut, bob short haircut, short haircut with bangs, lobe short haircut, asymmetrical short haircut.

Who is suitable for short hair?

Short hair is a model that should not be preferred by those with the round face shape. It is more suitable for people with triangular and oval faces. Short hair is ideal for thin face shapes with cheekbones in the middle. If your face shape is large and wide, you can choose medium length haircuts such as blunt hair, bob cut instead of short hair.

If your hair type is thin and sparse, the short hairstyle may be for you. However, you can get help from hair foams and volumizing hair care products to shape your hair. You can also make your hair stand more voluminous with the crepe technique.

Haircare from Avon Catalog March 2020;


If you have your hair cut short or are thinking about getting a haircut, you will need a makeup style to complement this look. Those with short haircuts should have slightly lighter makeup than those with long hair. As the face will be in the foreground in short hair, excess makeup will remain exaggerated.

Since clear eyebrows look great especially with voluminous short hair, short hair should not be missed while doing makeup. Those who want to emphasize their femininity with their short hair can try the look of dense and voluminous eyelashes. You should try Avon True Color 5-in-1 Lash Genius Mascara from page 50 of this Avon March 2020 Brochure! It is on sale with savings up to P150!

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