Start Your Beauty Routine Clean

Start Your Beauty Routine Clean with Avon Brochure March 2020! After your wardrobe and vanity drawer, the detox sequence is on your care shelf. Many of the products you accumulate can be the root cause of your skin problems and your maintenance session where you are unable to yield. Decide what should go with the tips we put together and start your beauty routine clean.

Time out

Your first job in care products should be to check the expiration date printed on the back of the box. Expressions like 6M, 12M written in a jar show how many months the product can be used after opening. Make a calculation according to this sign and write the products that have timed out in the list of destinations.

How did you use it?

How you use and store a product is also very important. If your cream does not have a pump and you take the product out of the box with your finger, or if your serum that needs to be stored indoors has been exposed to light, you may want to send these products before the expiration date.

Visible Signs

Besides all these, you may have to say goodbye to some products regardless of the expiration date. If the formula is decomposed, the product has a different smell than usual, or if you see things that were not there when you opened the lid, it is time to say goodbye.

Did It Work?

After passing the indispensable elimination steps, it was time for personal reasons. Why did you buy this product and did it give you the desired result? Maybe it was not suitable for your skin structure. Products that you are not satisfied with do not need to take up space, you can replace themselves with better ones.

Did It Trouble?

And finally: Did this product you used have any problems? Did you feel a weird itch after use, did you have a rash or say hello to uninvited acne? If you are not sure that the product in your care collection is really good with your skin, add these products to the cart.

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