We Touch Our Face 16 Times Per Hour: Ways To Stop Touching The Face

Stop touching your face against coronavirus. According to a study, we touch our faces on average 16 times an hour. This can cause us to become infected by the virus. During the day, we touch our faces for many different reasons. Sometimes we can even touch our face without a reason. Because we have made this a habit. According to a study, we touch our faces on average 16 times per hour. However, touching your face can significantly increase our risk of getting infected with the flu or other viruses, especially the new type of coronavirus. Since the release of the Coronavirus, experts often say that we should wash our hands and not touch our hands, especially our faces. So how do we deal with this habit? How do we stop touching our faces?

Your mouth and eyes are the areas where viruses can enter the body most easily. If you have germs or viruses in your hands and touch your face with your hands, you can get infected very easily. As you know, the coronavirus is transmitted from person to person. As a result of sneezing or coughing of an infected person, we can receive the virus that is spread on the surface from our mouth or eyes through our hands. Obviously, we can easily avoid being around a sick person or take measures against airborne viruses using a mask, but it is almost impossible to avoid the virus while on a surface.

Here are some things you can do to avoid touching your face;

  • Paste posts that remind you not to touch your face at home and at work
  • Wear gloves. When you do this, you will be afraid to take your hand to your face.
  • Keep your hands busy. If you’re watching TV at home, try folding the laundry. Hold something in your hand
  • Try to be conscious of this habit and stop yourself when you want to touch your face
  • You can also use a scented hand sanitizer or a scented hand soap to remind you to keep your hands away from your face. The scent will draw your attention to your hands
  • You can join hands if you are in a meeting or class
  • Just like every habit, being aware of what you do is important in this. If you are aware of this habit, you can reduce it

Experts say using some simple methods will help you break this habit. Of course, do not forget to wash your hands frequently in this process. On the other hand, do not forget to disinfect items such as phones, computers, a keyring that you frequently touch.

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