Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Avon February 2021 Brochure

Read ways to make your eyes look bigger with Avon Brochure February 2021 Philippines! The best part of applying make-up is to make some points that we want to change in our appearance with a few touches! There are also things you can do to make your eyes look bigger.

You can have bigger eyes by applying the makeup tips we recommend. We suggest you try these natural and beautiful makeup steps.

Curl Your Lashes

Since the mascara brush sweeps your lashes upwards, your gaze will be much more open and lively. The support of your eyelashes is essential for a more energetic and lively look. If you want your eyes to look bigger even on days when you do not want to apply mascara, you can get help from eyelash curlers. Place your curling product on your eyelashes and wait for a while.

Eyebrows affect your gaze tremendously. Do not miss the shape of your eyebrows and the importance of eyebrow filling. Lighter and natural looking eyebrows make your eyes look bigger than they are. If you do not have bushy eyebrows by birth, we recommend you to get support from eyebrow products.

Create the illusion with the shadow makeup.

Shadowy make-up is also very successful in making your eyes look big. For this, apply eyeshadow in brown tones on your lower eyelashes. When you apply the same color tone to your eyelids, you will notice the vividness in your eyes.

Enjoy the magic of white eyeliner

The white eyeliner you draw on the bottom of the eyelashes or in the eye works wonders in making the eyes look bigger! You can do this application not only with white eyeliner but also with skin colored eyeliner. When you realize that your gaze is much more vivid, you will not be able to separate eye pencils from your makeup bag.

Another beauty trick you will apply for bigger eyes is that you will create a bright spot in your eye fountains. You can create this brightness with your illuminating skin product or with silvery silver-gold eyeshadows. The application point is the eye fountains!

Bigger eyes with eyeliner!

If you love applying eyeliner, you are in luck. Soft looking eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger. With the help of a brush, you can easily distribute the eyeliner, so you can achieve an exaggerated beauty appearance and make your eyes larger.

Black mascara will make your eyes look bigger

It is very easy to get big eyes with black mascara. Choose black mascara to get bigger eyes in one step!

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Here are ways to make your eyes look bigger with Avon Catalogue February 2021. If you want to see more Avon Products, you should see the home page. Also, follow us on YouTube and see the latest Avon Brochure in Philippines!

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