Useful Tips for Wearing a Face Mask in Hot Weather

In this article, you will see useful tips for wearing a face mask in hot weather with products of Avon Brochure February 2021! Masks, which we have to wear due to preventing the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, can be a little difficult in hot weather. As our face sweats, the masks may sweat and we may feel like we cannot breathe easily.

The fact is that masks are particularly uncomfortable when hot and humid. Face masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus and save lives. Experts’ views are as follows.

Get a more breathable mask

You can choose a mask with more layers and structure. If you are going to be indoors and / or around others, it is very important to taste a more effective mask, even if it makes you feel warmer. It is important to have layers that make the mask grow even more. When the mouth and nose are completely closed, it is important to make sure that you gently fix the wire on the nose.

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Choose the mask with the right material

Experts; He says we can prefer natural fabrics such as cotton or synthetic fabrics that do not absorb sweat. Using multiple layers of fabric to produce the most effective protective barrier against the virus is one of the most recently recommended masks. Instead of using a thick cotton fabric, you can choose a thinner cotton fabric.

Spare Masks

Be sure to include spare masks in your bag. If you make someone sweat this way, they’ll have another on the ready, which can make you more comfortable. The comments of the doctors are as follows; Perspiration and moisture in the mask area can certainly cause acne. Put each extra clean mask in a sealed plastic bag so your mask is not exposed to germs before you put it on your face.

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Give yourself breathing times

When you are completely alone, pull your mask down towards your chin and take a few deep breaths. But then pull it up again. Remember; The mask used at chin level is of no use.

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