Top Lipstick Trends for Summer 2021

Time to check out top lipstick trends for summer 2021 with Avon Brochure July 2021 Philippines! You should browse all trends and apply your favorite ones! Also, you should check out Avon Products this month if you need some cosmetics. Hundreds of products are on sale now!

After a year with the pandemic, we finally started to see bright days. Summer is already making us shiver. Although 2020 has passed with masks, it is useful to start looking at lipstick trends gradually. Because what punctuation marks are to a sentence, lipstick is when it comes to makeup.

So, which lipsticks are trending this summer? Whether you want to do a colorful make-up or imagine a look that attracts attention; these lipsticks will give you what you need. Check out the trends of summer 2021 with Avon July 2021 Brochure pdf.

Bold orange lipstick

This beautiful color looks cooler than a classic deep red, yet more assertive than a pink tone. Energetic, exciting and unexpected! To create a matte and flawless look with orange lipstick, first make a lip scrub. Peeling is an important step in lip care.  Thus, you will make your lips smooth by removing dead skin. Then fill your lips with a colored lip liner to increase the permanence of your lipstick. Apply your orange lipstick on it. Finally, dab some translucent powder on top to set it. If you need a good orange lipstick, you should browse Avon Brochure July 2021 immediately!

Two-tone lips

In times of trouble it’s very common for people to look back and remember the good old days. Maybe that’s why ’90s beauty trends are everywhere these days. This includes lip liner. Lip liner is usually the supporting character of a matte lipstick, but this familiar trend is back on the scene with its modern interpretation.

To try this trend, outline your lip contour with a nude or colored pencil. Then apply nude gloss for a more defined two-tone look. For a light ombre effect, after applying the gloss, mix it with the base using your finger. A wide range of lip products are waiting for you on Avon Catalogue July 2021.

Lip Color

The lip color trend will sweep away all your worries about lipstick selection as you rush to meetings and dinner dates. If you’re having a busy day, you need lips that move with you. Moreover, it is very easy to apply this color.

A lip pink lipstick is all you need for the lip color trend. Do not forget to lightly touch your lips with your fingers after applying the lipstick for a fuller look.


The second 90s-inspired trend on this list; polished, glossy lips. You can highlight your lips by applying gloss only, draw your lips with a lip pencil for a more defined look, then apply the gloss overflowing a little. And you can add shine by applying your gloss on a matte lipstick. You must browse the latest Avon Catalogue and see the best Avon lipgloss!

Natural Tones

Another lipstick trend of the summer of 2021 is warm and natural tones. You can complete your daily make-up with nude colors with a spice undertone.

Here is Lipstick Trends for Summer 2021 with the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines! Also, you can check out the home page and see more beauty tricks here!

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