Top 5 makeup trends of 2022

Today’s topic is about Top 5 makeup trends of 2022 with Avon Brochure May 2022! You should read it if you are interested in this topic and try the newest Avon products! Let’s come to our topic!

In this period when Instagram and TikTok trends determine today’s makeup trends, we leave classic looks aside and focus on the prominent makeup trends of the season with Avon products!

Natural Shine

Make-ups, in which natural skin texture stands out, are in demand this season as in every season. You can complete this natural skin look, which you can achieve with a thin layer foundation, with a peach-toned lipstick close to the lip color. If you need a good foundation or good lipstick, you should take a look at product range of Avon Catalogue May 2022! Here u go!

Timeless Red

Complementing this retro-inspired hairstyle with red lipstick to create a timeless look, Larson offers a very stylish and elegant look. This season, we will often see red lipsticks with tile tones. A wide range of red lipsticks can be browsable on Avon May 2022 Brochure PDF! See them and get the most popular one at low prices!

Color Revel

What better reflects the spring energy than colorful eye makeup? Especially pink tones with neon brightness are among the prominent colors of the season. The trick is to use pink not only on the eyes, but also on the cheeks and lips. It is possible to reach many good products including dozens of colours. Let’s view them and buy your favorite colours lipsticks with AVON!

Dramatic Looks

This make-up, in which the eyes stand out, creates a dramatic atmosphere with the effect of dark tones. Lips framed with a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick color are a must for this make-up.

The Best AVON Lipsticks;

Air of Nostalgia

This season, when the popular make-up trends of the 90s are making a comeback, we are turning back the time a little more. This 1960s-inspired eye make-up offers an expertly applied eyeliner look. Eye color can be brought to the fore even more with the ice blue headlight.

So here are Top 5 makeup trends of 2022 with Avon May 2022 Catalogue! Let’s discover the best products, deals, and special tips on the home page. And, check out the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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