The Best Skincare Routine for Mature Skin

Check out the best Skincare Routine for Mature Skin with Avon Brochure August 2020! Mature skin requires more than a preventive routine for a brighter and smoother appearance. If you, as a person with mature skin, want your skin to stay moist and firm despite the past years, it is time to add intense moisturizing and anti-aging care products to your routine! But before we talk about these products and their ingredients, we think it would be good to define mature skin.

How to Care for Mature Skin?

The skin type acquired after adolescence leaves its place to mature skin from the age of 40. This change is more pronounced in oily skin. Because the maturing skin begins to dry and lose its elasticity. For this reason, people with mature skin should prefer intensive moisturizing, regenerating, and tightening products in all skincare steps. To detail the care routine steps of mature skin:


People with mature skin should prefer cleansers in oil or milk form instead of foaming cleansers. Because preventing and moisturizing the skin is very important in mature skincare. You can find many useful cleansing products from Avon August 2020 Brochure. Let’s check this Avon Catalogue!


Considering that mature skin is dry and sensitive at the same time, it becomes even more important that products that cleanse and purify dead cells do not tire the skin. Therefore, peeling products that are low in acidity, do not dry the skin, and gently purify the skin are ideal for mature skin.


Care should be taken that tonics to be used for mature skin do not contain alcohol. Pore-tightening tonics are effective for mature skin with a very enlarged pore appearance. However, we recommend using tonics with soothing and moisturizing properties on extra dry skin.


Serum use is especially important for mature skin. Serums penetrate into the lower layers of the skin before the care cream and stimulate collagen and elastin fibers to help the skin look younger for longer. Anti-aging serums; effectively combat many problems in the skin such as wrinkles, spots, dullness, fatigue, loss of moisture, and tightness. Anew Essential Super Serum can be a good choice! Let’s browse Avon August 2020 Catalogue in detail!

Care Cream

The skin is damaged by losing moisture during the day due to environmental factors such as sun rays, stress, heat, and wind. At night, the skin cells renew themselves and work to have a more vivid appearance. For this reason, day and night cream should be used to protect the skin and keep it moist during the day and to support skin renewal at night.


In addition to the use of care cream, the use of a moisturizer should not be neglected in order to provide extra moisture to the skin.


The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the faster it loses its youthful appearance. For this reason, regardless of the weather, sunscreen should be used as the last step of the daycare routine.


You must take your skin into intensive care at least once a week. You can reveal the youthful radiance on your skin with an anti-aging, regenerating, and restorative care mask.

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