Summer Haircare Tricks

In this article, you will see useful summer haircare tricks with Avon Brochure August 2020! According to researches, every hair color and type can face different problems in summer. That’s why we’ve given you some important advice. Here are practical and effective care tips to help you.

One of the biggest problems for blondes is that their hair turns green after entering the pool and they need to use a product that protects their hair from chlorine, while those with dry hair should not be content with conditioners and resort to special masks that moisturize their hair. Today, many cosmetic companies have special sprays that help protect your hair. It is useful to add these products to your care routine during the summer months.

One of the things that should be considered in the summer is the color opening process. Lightening the hair more than a few tones at a time can be risky in this respect. The hair should be opened gradually, very carefully. Also, if your hair is in an assertive color such as a fire red, nutshell, blue-black, or aubergine purple, you can protect your hair color due to chlorine water and sun by using shampoo dye every ten days.

When choosing the shampoo and conditioners you use in the hot summer months, you should pay attention to their ingredients. You should stay away from those that contain chemicals such as sulfate that damage the natural protection mechanism of the hair strands against external factors, and you should turn to ingredients such as panthenol, E, and B vitamins. Panthenol helps hair to gain shine and remove chlorine or salt residues. Nutritious vitamins strengthen the natural protection mechanism of the hair strands.

Regardless of your haircut style and length, it is the common advice of all hairstylists to cut the ends of your regular hair. Yes, we know many of us are afraid of getting a haircut just because it will cut more than we want. However, with this movement, we damage our hair strands. Broken hair strands cause moisture loss and hair loss in the scalp, while at the same time weakening the natural protection mechanism of the hair against external factors. While a haircut is recommended every four to six weeks, you should cut your hair on the return of summer holidays to minimize the negative effect of saltwater.

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