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Explore skincare by age with Avon Brochure October 2020! Each age’s skincare routine is different. Nowadays, with the influence of social media, the desire to look young and beautiful has become more common than ever. As such, aesthetic concerns that started at a very early age have lowered the age of makeup.

You can find the tips of skincare from the 20s in this article. Many applications for skin rejuvenation are waiting for you in this article!


In the 20s, the synthesis of the collagen protein in the skin begins to slow down, resulting in slight wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Daily skin cleaning, using sunscreen, avoiding solarium, and sunbathing, simple measures that can be done. While vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, protects against free radicals that damage the skin, creams containing vitamin C increase elasticity by triggering natural collagen production while removing fine lines and contributing to the elimination of tonal differences on the skin.


In our 30s, the moisture level of our skin begins to decrease, fine lines on the skin begin to become apparent and pores begin to widen. Dryness in the skin causes the skin color to appear dull and dull. The first signs of aging start around the eyes. It is important to use creams containing intense moisturizing for the eye area and to apply products containing vitamin C that increases collagen synthesis on the face and neck. In the evening, use creams containing retinoic acid and glycolic acid, which increase collagen synthesis.


With the 40s, collagen production in the skin rapidly decreases. That’s why skin care needs to be done intensely and regularly. It is useful to use anti-aging creams and intensive moisturizing products that contain anti-aging retinoic acid in the 40s. Take care to consume foods containing collagen, vitamin C, and omega 3-6 to replace the collagen lost by the skin. Do not neglect to apply care to your neck and hands while performing skin care in your 40s.


In the 50s, especially due to the reduced subcutaneous fat tissue in the cheek area, volume loss is experienced and the skin sags. As the age progresses, wear and collapse occur in the jawbone, cheekbone, temple, and forehead bone. According to the cosmetic application schedule created by your dermatologist, cellular treatments such as PRP, stem cells, and subcutaneous injections of products containing intense hyaluronic acid, also known as moisture vaccine, can be planned annually. These applications provide moisture to the skin as well as help shine, elasticity, and tightening.

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