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It is a good time to reveal your shiny hair with products of Avon Brochure February 2020! Many people experience two types of hair problems together. The important thing is to know the problem and create a maintenance routine for it. Does your hair look dry at the same time while your hair gets oily quickly? Does sweating, washing, and drying after sports make your hair unbridled? Do not worry right away, address each hair problem individually and create your routine this way.

Damaged and dry appearance

Excessive sweating during heavy classes such as HIIT training, spinning or hot yoga causes oil to build up in the lower layers of your hair. In particular, the neck part is oiled where the humidity is high. If you dye your hair and walk and run outdoors, your hair can be exposed to the sun directly. Drying hair is also electrified.

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Oily scalp & dry ends

If you exercise a lot, you sweat that much. In fact, sweating does not affect hair health negatively. This effect makes washing the hair too much. Highly washed hair produces more oil, which can cause oily scalp. Unfortunately, when these oils do not go down to the ends of the hair, a contrasting situation occurs. In other words, while the scalp is over-greased, the ends of the hair can remain dry and dry.

Conch scalp & dry ends

Everyone has actually fungi on their scalp and if the hair is not washed frequently, this fungus causes dandruff. These mushrooms are also fed from fat and dead skin cells. Since the pores on the scalp are blocked by oil and dead cells, sebum cannot move from the sebaceous glands to the tips, and therefore the hair dries.

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