Practical Time: 10 Makeup Trends

These days when the coronavirus has spread and we are not going out, we try to choose topics that you can do at home so today’s topic is about 10 makeup trends with Avon Brochure March 2020! We share Avon March 2020 Catalogue because it has a wide range of Avon Products! Although life on the street slows down, trend lists continue to be renewed rapidly. You can also adapt the beautiful portraits that you want to try social isolation but always try but do not have any hand. Discover the 10 makeup trends of the season you need to specialize with tips.

Flawless Rorange

The harbinger of the hot seasons ‘Rorange’ is on stage again. Although this color is a mixture of red and orange, the harmonious rorange tone may vary depending on the skin color. Decide with a few tries on the right rorange that suits you.

Pretentious Lashes

Eyelashes framing the eyes are of great importance in the new season. You can take advantage of glitter, colored mascara for a more distinctive and more characterful look, or you can get used to wearing false eyelashes in your spare time.

Makeup Without Makeup

If you have flawless skin enough for light makeup, you are lucky. But if you need to use several products for mirror skin look, start working for the most natural result. Facial mists that reduce the heavy look of powder products and give a healthy glow to the skin are our favorite tricks.

Floral Appliques

You may not want an ambitious and avant-garde look as beautiful as the beautiful portrait of Giambattista Valli. However, even with minimal dimensions, the floral appliqués you will attach to your face and eyelids herald the optimist atmosphere of spring. How will you fix it? A strong lash glue with a transparent formula works!

Jewel Mask

If you have picked up your eyelash glue, don’t leave it. Indeed, it is also necessary for this three-dimensional view. The high-dose shimmer in makeup continues with crystal stones. A tweezer and a little bit of patience are needed to be the focus of the looks at the party you attend or to add a twinkle to your look with little touches.

Dominant Eyeliner

The borders are clear, sharp, daring and dominant: The aura of black eyeliner who says I am here is one of the sines qua non of the new season. Start with a felt-tip eyeliner, the easiest to master the perfect lines of this borderless look.

Effortless Bordeaux

In the new period, burgundy takes itself out of the darkness of the night and combines with daily combinations. However, there is a little trick in this look. The lipstick you use should not be highly pigmented. Get a more effortless and misty result, such as a wine trail, with clear formulas or finger products.

Optimist Shine

If you are afraid of jewel glances and want to start makeup easily, do the opening with shims. A mild application to your eye fountains can accustom you to this glow. However, be careful to use cosmetic products, not hobby pins, for this make-up.

Watercolor Looks

The jewel-toned smoky looks of the past season are renewed with more pastel tones in the warm climate. Monet inspired, impressionist practices reflect the color palette of spring to your eyes. Make sure you have a quality blending brush while doing this application.

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