Makeup Tips and Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

In this article, we shared makeup tips and beauty secrets every woman should know with products of AVON Brochure April 2022! Prepare faster and look more beautiful with Makeup Tips and Beauty Secrets. Here are practical beauty secrets and makeup tips with Avon Catalogue!

Makeup Tips and Beauty Secrets

Apply your concealer sparingly for a natural look. Otherwise, it will turn into an artificial image rather than closing it, which does not look good at all. Are your lips thin? You don’t necessarily have to have plastic surgery or fillers. Frame your lips a little bit with your lip liner. Then apply your lipstick of the same color and apply your lip gloss to the very center of your lips. Your lips will appear larger as they reflect light. Yellow undertone foundation or bb creams make your skin look brighter and healthier. If you need something for lips, you should check out product range of Avon April 2022 Brochure PDF! Many specials are waiting for you at low prices!

Makeup Tips

Do you apply your powder all over your face because you want a matte look? This is a very wrong method. It dries your skin even more, making it look unhealthy and artificial. Therefore, with your powder brush, you should apply a light amount of powder only on the T-zone of your face and under your eyes. Many good Avon makeup products can be browsable on the latest Avon Brochure! View it and buy the best!

Are the pimples on your face somehow missing? So, let’s ask you a question. When was the last time you washed your brushes? We recommend that you clean your brushes once a week. No matter what you do when you apply your mascara, do your lashes merge and create a bad look? Then, after applying the 1st layer, you should wait 1 minute and apply the 2nd layer.

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Does your nail polish start to come off right away, even when you just apply it? Then try applying a top coat on it after applying your nail polish. You get up to 10 days permanence. Tired of your lipstick coming off and smearing during the day? After applying your lipstick, apply powder to your lips with the help of a napkin. Your lipstick will be matte and permanent all day long.

Practical Beauty Secrets

For denser and longer eyelashes, apply your mascara in a zig-zag manner and by pressing. You will see the difference. If you want your blush to be more natural, apply your blush before foundation. If you are in search for a good foundation, you should give a chance to AVON Foundations! They are pretty quality. Let’s try!

Apply your moisturizer 15 minutes before your foundation so that your foundation does not vomit on your skin. The more your cheeks blush when you pinch them, the more blush you use. Pay attention to your skin tone. For a striking yet natural look, choose a lipstick that is 2 shades darker than your lip tone.

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For your swollen and tired eyes, keep two teaspoons in the freezer for 5 minutes and put them under your eyes. Do you want full lips? Drop 3 drops of peppermint oil into your lip gloss and see the difference.

To make your eyes look bigger and brighter, apply a nude pencil inside your eyes. Your eyeliner is finished and you are in a hurry too? No problem. Dip your eyeliner brush into your mascara and apply it like eyeliner. Even you won’t be able to tell the difference.

So here are Makeup Tips and Beauty Secrets with Avon Catalogue April 2022! For more Avon products, deals, and tricks, visit the home page. Also, go to the category page to see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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