How to Apply Nail Polish – Nail Drying Techniques

Today’s topic is about how to apply nail polish with Avon Brochure March 2020! Nail polish is the most important cosmetic material that women care about nail beauty. Applying the nail polish properly makes the nails look more beautiful and elegant. Therefore, there are points to be considered while driving. First, determine the color of the nail polish that you will apply to your nail.

First of all, let’s eliminate the ugly look that may occur during nail polish removal by applying polish or very light nail polish to all your nails.

Let’s start applying the color we have chosen with peace of mind.

We need to make sure that there is enough nail polish in only one direction of our nail polish. We should always be careful to apply nail polish on the same side.

It is better to start applying our nail polish with a little finger.

Spread the nail polish nicely on all your nails, provided that you do not paint the flesh of your nails.

In this way, apply the first layer of nail polish on all your nails.

Then, we apply our coat of nail polish to make our color more distinctive.

Nail Drying Techniques

The most complaining issue for women about nail polish is that nail polish does not dry quickly. If the nail polish does not dry out, it will deteriorate and cause unwanted rough appearance. That’s why the faster the nail polish dries, the more comfortable we can act. There are nail polish drying techniques to avoid these problems.

1. Drying machine: It is possible to dry our nail polishes by using the cold feature of the drying machine. Although it is a little laborious and a waste of time, nail polish is one of the methods used in drying.

2.Wind effect: Wind is an effective method of drying nail polish. Contacting the nail polish with air will allow it to dry.

3.Coldwater: We can cause our hands to dry by holding our hands underwater a few minutes after the nail polish application process is finished. The colder the water, the better the effect.

4. Nail dryer drops: After applying the nail polish, the dryer can dry our nail polish using drops. We can give a polish effect on drying.

5.Spray: It is one of the most effective and practical methods. This product saves a lot of time. It is applied to the nail by spraying from a distance of 20 cm. It will be wise to use it after waiting for some time so that the nail polish does not deteriorate. You can check it from Avon March 2020 Brochure pdf.

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