Does Avon Test on Animals?

Avon always respects animal rights and continues to work very carefully on this issue. They continue to be a famous and leading brand in the field of cosmetics and personal care for nearly 125 years.

Animal rights are a very important issue for the Avon family. Also, they are one of the most important building blocks for the company. So Avon made a final decision 30 years ago to stop animal experiments and tests on product production. For product safety, thanks to highly developed technology and using different methods, it produces its products according to these test methods, while protecting the health and animal rights.

AVON Loves Animals

When it comes to cosmetic products, one of the most important questions that comes to the minds of consumers is whether tests and experiments are carried out on animals during the consumption phase of the products. Testing of cosmetic products on animals is to see the effects of products with chemically heavy ingredients. As you know, Avon manufactures and sells its products comfortably in the free sales market worldwide, with the necessary permissions.

Respect for animal health is the cornerstone of Avon’s product safety philosophy. None of the products sold by Avon are tested on animals. Avon does not perform animal tests to confirm the safety of its products or the ingredients in them. Also, it was the first major cosmetics company to stop testing on animals nearly 30 years ago.

Does Avon test on animals?

No. Avon does not test on animals and was the first major cosmetics company to stop testing on animals nearly 30 years ago.

Does Avon sell products that have been tested on animals?

No, no products sold by Avon has not been tested on animals.

For Avon, the safety of its customers is of utmost importance. They certify the safety of products, in line with global and local regulations. To ensure the safety of Avon branded cosmetics, they use non-animal testing methods such as application of existing data, computer modeling and laboratory tests.

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