Correct Facial Cleansing Routine

Time to discover the correct facial cleansing routine with Avon Brochure October 2020! There are many useful skincare products on this Avon Catalogue. Therefore, you should browse this Avon Brochure and Avon Skincare Products in detail. Let’s come to our topic! Add these eight routines to your life for healthier and more beautiful skin!

Apply antioxidant serum to cleansed skin every morning before moisturizer. A serum containing vitamins E and C that your skin needs will make a noticeable difference when used regularly.

Take protein. Yogurt and eggs are foods rich in protein. If you start the day by eating a bowl of yogurt in the morning, you will feel better and get the protein your body needs.

Make sure to use sunscreen. After applying serum and moisturizer to your cleansed skin, be sure to use a sunscreen with high factor protection. Remember that one of the most important factors of aging is the sun.

Make sure to drink a large glass of water in the morning. You can be sure that your skin will be refreshed.

Exercise. If you wake up a little earlier in the morning and exercise for 5 minutes, you will notice that your skin has freshness and color. Take care to exercise your body frequently and increase blood circulation.

Benefit from the relaxing power of essential oils. Let citrus, lavender, ylang-ylang take its place in your morning routine. Start your awakening with a positive scent for a calm day.

Facial sprays help keep your skin moist while providing relief during the day. In this way, you can prevent skin dryness due to air conditioning, which is one of the problems that employees frequently encounter in indoor environments.

Consume green tea. The natural antioxidants in it will help renew your body and work your digestive system. Think of the body as a whole and do all the care accordingly. Make sure you will see the benefit in a short time.

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