Common Makeup Mistakes

Today, we wanted to share common makeup mistakes and Avon Brochure November 2020 for you. Sometimes every woman can make some makeup mistakes without realizing it. These mistakes can also cause unwanted images in the person. Here are some basic makeup mistakes that will grab your attention so that you don’t face such situations!

Not preparing the skin for makeup

Before applying makeup, you should clean and moisturize your skin and then apply the makeup base. Using a base ensures that the foundation spreads more easily and evenly on your skin and your make-up is more permanent. No matter how good the make-up applied to a neglected skin, it will not show the skin well.

Using the illuminator incorrectly

Concealers that you apply 2-3 tones lighter than your skin color under the eyes will look like a ring under your eyes and make them even more noticeable if you have dark under-eye circles. Use the same shade of concealer under your eyes, and apply the illuminator only towards the inside of your eye.

Not using powder

If you have beautiful skin and you are one of those who do not use foundation except for special occasions, how happy you are. The powder you apply on the foundation prevents your skin from looking oily and makes your make-up more permanent.

Color difference

The foundation you use should not be too light or darker than your skin. In addition, even if the foundation you use is close to the tone of your skin, it will give an artificial appearance if you do not spread it evenly. Make sure to spread the foundation and powder evenly. Do not neglect to apply it to your ears and neck. The foundation that is cut suddenly in lines will display an artificial image.

Apply too much blush

While the blush is used to make the skin look more vibrant, it can be unpleasant if it is exaggerated or applied incorrectly. Choose the blush color as natural as possible and pay attention to the brush you use. Do not choose too big brushes and never apply the blush to your entire cheek.

Apply too much mascara

The average life span of mascara is three months. Expired mascara may cause clumping in the eyelashes. In addition, mascara, which is applied in layers to make the lashes look bulky, also shows this bad image. To prevent this, you can prefer a mascara that makes eyelashes look fuller instead of applying mascara in layers. If you are going to apply another layer, apply it after waiting 10 seconds. Make sure that it does not get on your eyelid after applying the mascara.

Here are some common makeup mistakes. You can check out Avon November 2020 Brochure pdf in detail and find what you are looking for related to beauty products! There are many useful Avon Products on this Avon Catalogue. Also, you can subscribe to us with your email. And, follow us on Youtube! Here you go!

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