Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

Time to browse care tips for sensitive skin with Avon Brochure March 2021 Philippines! In fact, the number of people with sensitive skin is much higher than those with normal skin. 69 percent of women and 64 percent of men have sensitive skin. The face is the area where skin sensitivity is most observed.

However, this sensitivity can be seen in any part of the body. Therefore, sensitive skin can react for many reasons. Environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, wind, heat, cold, air pollution and humidity. The products, cosmetics, make-up materials you use every day. Even the clothes you use close to your skin.

In addition, the fatigue and stress you are exposed to every day can increase the sensitivity of your skin. When the stress level increases, the nerve endings in the skin layers begin to release various chemicals. This is why you will experience redness, dryness or inflamed sores.

How to care for sensitive skin?

Caring for sensitive skin is not as difficult as you might think. Of course, there will be more problems than normal skin and you will struggle to solve them, but none of these problems will prevent you from having beautiful skin.

• First of all, in sensitive skin care, you should use products with soft texture, even best designed for sensitive skin. You should definitely stay away from products that contain the following ingredients.

Abrasives such as limestone, perfume, coloring, hard-textured scrubbing or brushes. Gels and cleansing oils will not be the best choice for skin cleansing. Instead of these, you should prefer products that contain fruit acid while removing dead cells. There are many useful and healthy skincare on Avon Catalogue March 2021. Browse it and get the best for your skin!

Natural and Healthy Selection from Avon March 2021 Catalogue!

• Choose products with natural, organic ingredients such as allantoin, bisabolol, propolis, aleo vera, provitamin B5. This ingredient should be your preference for the products you use to protect from the sun.
• The same point goes for make-up materials: Use face powder and eyeshadows that contain natural minerals. Avoid makeup items that stay on the skin for long periods of time, as they can damage your skin.
• During the day, moisturize your skin with mineral water so that it will look fresher. Make sure to remove your makeup at night. For this, use a micellar or milk-containing lotion.
• After trying a product on your wrist for 24 hours, apply it to your face or body. Thus, you measure the reaction of your skin. When you find a product that is good for you, do not change it easily, continue to use that product. Sensitive skin does not like changes.
• Extreme temperatures, both very hot and very cold environments will not be good for your skin. Try not to be in such environments.
• Some cosmetic brands develop special products for sensitive skin. These products may be more useful for your skin than others. For example, the Anti-Wrinkle set for Olay Sensitive Skin includes day and night creams as well as a lotion. Such a set will harmonize with the products and will be good for your skin. You can get this kind of set for your daily maintenance.

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