Beauty And Health Tips For Your Personal Care Routine

Discover the beauty and health tips for personal care routine with AVON Brochure December 2021! As autumn slowly cools down, it’s time to renew our summer care routines. We have listed the most suitable beauty and health tips for this season for you, keep reading for details and follow the steps!

Seasonal Ingredients

It is very important to include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily routine. If we take pumpkin as an example, it contains many enzymes that will keep your skin healthy and glowing during the cold seasons. By consuming pumpkin regularly, you can make your skin look both healthy and bright.

Using Natural Deodorant

Due to the nature of autumn, it is sometimes very cold and sometimes warm, so the wool sweaters that will accompany you on these pleasant walks can overwhelm your body and make you sweat. The fight against this problem is hidden in natural deodorants. Thanks to the natural deodorants you will use, you can both provide a pleasant smell and create a healthier feeling for yourself.

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AVON Personal Care Products;

  • Feelin Fresh Quelch Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream 60g, P199
  • Feelin Fresh Powder Light Anti-Bacterial Anti-Perspirant Roll-on, P75
  • Fresh Kojic Serum Anti-Perspirant Roll-on, P79
  • Feelin’ Fresh Deo Cream Spring Blossom, P89
  • Feelin Fresh Quelch Spring Blossom Deodorant Cream, P189
  • Ultra Glutathione – Feelin Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll-On, P75
  • Feelin Fresh Pearl Beauty Anti-Perspirant Roll-on, P79
  • Feelin Fresh Quelch Pore & Hair Minimizing Deodorant Cream, P179
  • Fresh Cooling for Him Roll-on Deodorant , P69
  • Feelin Fresh Pure Energy for Him Roll-On Deodorant, P79
  • Feelin Fresh No Marks for her Roll-on, P79
  • Ultra Glutathione with Vita C HBL, P399
  • Ultra Glutathione with Vita C Color-Correcting Lotion SPF 15, P179
  • Glutathione with SPF 15 HBL, P310
  • Avon Care Hydrating Body Milk Hand and Body Lotion, P249
  • Avon Care Royal Jelly Hand and Body Lotion, P89

Natural Oil

Almond, which is indispensable for the tables where we prepare nuts, ceases to be the only flavor we seek on the tables. Do not forget to add almond oil, which has numerous benefits in skin care and hair routine, to your care routine in the autumn months. It is possible to find good natural oils on Avon December 2021 Catalogue. See these products to get maximum results!

Pastel Manicure

Our must-have is manicure. Open a new page in your life with the soft and pastel colors of autumn! If you are looking for a good manicure sets, you can check out the latest AVON Brochure!

So here are tips for your personal care routine with Avon Catalogue December 2021! If you want to check out more discounts and beauty tips, visit the home page! Here u go!

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