AVON Sun Care Sale October 2023

Explore the AVON Sun Care Sale October 2023 this month! Enjoying the sun is great, but protecting your skin from its harmful effects is extremely important.

In the Philippines, a country famous for its abundant sunshine, taking care of your skin from the sun is very important. AVON, with its expertise in beauty and personal care, offers excellent sun protection products to Filipino consumers. The products presented in this AVON brochure stand out for their competitive prices and effective formulations.

AVON Sunscreen

Sunscreen is known as the basic measure to protect your skin from the sun. AVON sunscreen comes in many different levels and formulas. These creams can be used on both the face and body, helping to protect against the sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays. They are also water resistant so are suitable for use at the beach or poolside.


AVON is more competitively priced compared to other brands, making them a great choice for those who want access to quality sunscreen products.

AVON Sun Lotions

It is also a great way to protect your skin from the effects of the scorching Philippine sun. They have a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that can be used comfortably. AVON sunscreen moisturizes the skin without drying it and effectively protects the skin from sunburn.

You will find regular discounts and special offers on these products in AVON brochure, allowing you to have high quality solar products without breaking the bank your book.

AVON After Sun Products

Do not skip skin care after sun exposure. Sun-exposed skin becomes more sensitive, especially in terms of moisturizing and care needs. AVON’s after-sun creams and lotions help soothe and rehydrate the skin. Enriched with aloe vera and other natural ingredients, these products help relieve pain after sunburn.

AVON Sun Care Sale October 2023 is a great source for your facial care needs in the Philippines. The products in AVON’s brochures offer quality sun protection at an affordable price. You can choose AVON sunscreen products to enjoy the sun while still protecting your skin safely.

Remember that sun protection is important not only in the summer but throughout the year. AVON sunscreen products help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. By following AVON’s brochures, you will be able to access these products and enjoy the sun with complete confidence.

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