AVON Mark Transparent Fixing Face Powder

Today, we shared some tips about AVON Mark Transparent Fixing Face Powder and general info about powders. Make-up consists of using different materials and applying many sequential applications. Sometimes you can apply make-up to provide a shimmery look, sometimes close the blemish or acne, or just feel good. It is important that every material you use while making up is suitable for your face and skin. This also starts with getting to know your skin well. Also, we shared Avon Brochure June 2020! Let’s check this Avon Catalogue and don’t miss awesome deals!

What is Transparent Powder?

The transparent powder has a much lighter color than powder used in daily makeup. Transparent powder, which has a very thin structure, looks white when it is looked, but it draws attention with its colorlessness when applied. Transparent powders are mostly white. But for those who have wheat and brown skin, you can also find color varieties suitable for your light yellow skin color. Transparent powders can be in a compressed structure and in powder form. Although they are in different forms, both powders give the same result. Since these two varieties have the same usage, you can choose whichever application you find more practical.

AVON Mark Transparent Fixing Face Powder

The main function of AVON Mark Transparent Fixing Face Powder is to fix makeup. For this reason, it is also known as fixing powder. When you use a concealer, you can use transparent powder so that your application stays as you do and does not disperse until the end of the day. It will be a stylish finishing touch for your make-up to use transparent powder after the contouring process that emphasizes facial contours. In particular, transparent powders with a matte finish are the savior of oily skin. If your face gets oily during the day, you can get rid of the greasy look by applying transparent powder and your makeup will look fresh like it has been done.

Powders By Avon;

  • Ideal Oil Control Plus Dual Powder Foundation SPF
  • Avon True CC Powder
  • Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder
  • True Color White Pressed Powder With Glutathione SPF
  • True Color White Dual Powder Foundation With Glutathione SPF 24/PA++
  • Smooth & White Pressed Powder SPF 14
  • Shine No More Pressed Powder SPF 14
  • Smooth & White Pressed Powder Refill SPF 14
  • Mark. Nude Matte Pressed Powder SPF 30

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