Avon Lipsticks Reviews

Let’s see Avon lipsticks reviews and find the best one from the AVON Brochure April 2022 easily! The cosmetics and beauty care brand that covers the whole world, Avon, is selling out with its representatives in the Philippines. In the catalogs, which are renewed every month, we see a wide range of products from classics to new products. The new Avon Catalogue, published in April, still has great lipstick options. So, which Avon lipstick is for you? Don’t miss our detailed Avon lipsticks review!

Color Trend Kiss ‘n’ Go Lipstick

Classic Color Trend lipsticks have incredibly powerful effects. It was our first recommendation in terms of price-performance. Because there is no other alternative that gives such a beautiful color and nourishes the lips at this price! So see Avon April 2022 Brochure and get the best at low prices!

Color Trend Infinity Lipstick

The pen-shaped twist-open lipsticks of the same sub-brand are dominated by brown and pink tones. It is possible to find this one on the latest Avon Brochure. So view it and see more details about it!

Color Trend Lip Stix Lipstick

These lipsticks, which are admired for their slim design, also have a creamy formula. Plum Fun, one of the intensely colored lipsticks, will be your favorite with its metallic look!

Go Glossy Lip Gloss

Lip gloss, which moisturizes up to 870%, is ideal for those who like shiny appearance. Moreover, there are 10 different color options available.

Avon Luxe Couture Cream Lipstick

Dazzling colors enriched with silk powders and silky shine come together. Luxe Couture is one of the most luxurious options among Avon lipsticks. Tried, approved! It is on sale with its elegant structure, easy application without clumping, tiny crystal details and soft color options! If you want to check out more details about it, see Avon Catalogue April 2022!

Avon True Perfectly Matte Lipstick

New colors have been added to the matte lipstick collection, which has become legendary among Avon lipsticks. Matte lipsticks of the brand True, which has become the favorite of millions of women with its full coverage feature, have a lasting effect for hours. It was very popular with its 100% matte look. It does not dry out the lips and it never falls apart! This option with a velvety texture is recommended by 98% of women who use it.

Matte lipsticks are included in the catalogs in 3 color charts: Claret Red and Pinks, Assertive Reds and Elegant Nudes. In our opinion, the colors that best reflect the energy of summer are; Electric Pink, Absolute Coral and Pink Passion.

Mark Epic Lipstick

Lip-based Mark Epik lipsticks, which give 2 layers of intense color in a single application, have satin shine.

Mark Mega Effects Shine Burst Lipstick

For those who seek lasting shine for hours, the special formula with a weightless metallic satin texture is not to be missed.

Mark Liquid Matte & Shine Lipstick

Matte lipsticks are intensely colored, do not flow and do not clump. Also, liquid lipsticks give a bright appearance with vivid colors and do not flow.

Ultra Beauty Lipstick

For those who love a satiny look, Ultra Beauty series, which lasts for hours, is one of the prominent Avon lipsticks. So view Avon April 2022 Catalogue and get it at low prices!

Avon True Pen Lipstick

Contains shea butter. You can use it as a lip pencil. It has a series dominated by pink and red tones. For those who are thinking about which lipstick to use this summer, check out our article titled which Avon lipstick is for you. Always stay beautiful and energetic with Avon.

So here are Avon Lipsticks Reviews with Avon April 2022 Brochure PDF! For more product reviews, deals, and catalogues visit the home page. Also, click the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines easily!

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