Avon Brochure July 2019 with Sheet Masks

Sheet masks of Avon Brochure July 2019, one of the most practical methods to prepare your skin for make-up, are reviewed in this article!

Preparing the skin for a natural, fresh and smooth-looking skin make-up is one of the most important steps. Sheet masks that moisturize, revitalize and relieve skin problems are among the skincare products that should be used for pre-make-up preparation.Avon Brochure July 2019

If you want your foundation to stand perfectly and smoothly on your skin, you should always moisturize your skin before you start makeup. Sheet masks provide a lot of effects at this point. With a moisturizing and invigorating sheet mask, you will apply before makeup, you will see for yourself how many things will change in your skin makeup.

Avon Pomegranate Moisturizing Sheet Masks

Therefore, you should focus on page 36 of Avon Brochure July 2019. You will see 4 types of Sheet mask which moisturize your skin. In just 15 minutes, this mask gives intense moisture to the skin, revitalizes and purifies the skin. it revitalizes the skin and gives it a radiant appearance with its pomegranate extracts and hyaluronic acid in its antioxidant effect.

So your skin gets the moisture it needs for just 1 week in just 15 minutes. The foundation and other skin products you apply on it will also have a smooth effect.

Avon Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask

Eye makeup before eye makeup, under-eye bags, and dark circles are some of the problems you need to pay extra attention to. Avon Golden Shimmer Hydrogel Eye Mask is one of the best products you can use against dark circles, puffiness and under-eye bags around the eyes. You can get a refreshed and energetic effect when you apply these sheet eye masks before makeup.

If you want to say goodbye to the tired look around your eyes before makeup, you should definitely try these sheet masks!

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