AVON Brochure December 2022

Discover the latest product range and competitive prices on the best cosmetics with AVON Brochure December 2022! Also, we shared some tips on the most popular beauty tips! Let’s check it out!

AVON Brochure December 2022

Metallic colors and bright applications have been used a lot in the past seasons. Glitter was always seen in fashion shows, fashion shoots, and night make-ups.

When you browse Avon products, the summer season will shine more than in the past. It is possible for a natural glow to show healthier than we are, as well as revealing the high and beautiful places on your face with the right applications. Let’s check out sparkle and other trends together with Avon December 2022 Brochure.

Black eyes

Red carpets, fashion shows and the latest shots of beauty magazines show that dark eye makeup and intense blacks are in fashion now. Our advice for those who want to catch this trend is to pay close attention to the contents of the eyeliner, eyeliner and headlights you will use.

We recommend that you do not choose products that contain paraben and lead. The products to be used by people who use contact lenses are of great importance. In addition, you must thoroughly clean your face and eye make-up and use a good moisturizer. There are many effective solutions for healthy eyes on Avon Brochure. Browse them!

Golden Twinkle

This summer, we see that especially golden sparkles stand out. We started to see too much gold in clothes, jewelry, decoration objects, in short, everywhere. However, there is a very important point to note that not every color suits every skin tone. The important thing is not to try to do the trend, but to look beautiful by choosing what suits you. You should take a look at the best products for you on Avon December 2022 Catalogue in detail!

Radiant Complexion

In the past seasons, we have become accustomed to radiant skin and shine. Of course, what we are talking about is not an oily appearance, but you can create the effect of radiant and bright skin by applying the skin care oil that you choose according to your skin type, very thinly to your entire face, or to the parts of the face you want to stand high.

Metallic Effect

The metallic trend, which started in the summer of 2021, seems to affect us throughout the summer. Metallic details used in clothes, jewelry, stationery and even accessories such as bags and hats continue to create a pleasant and different effect.

Using a clean product

Thanks to the increasing awareness, using products with clean and natural ingredients has also become one of the beauty trends. As the wearing and aging effects of chemicals on the skin, the bad results of carcinogenic ingredients, and the discomfort caused by cosmetic products increased, the tendency for products with clean ingredients increased.

Even if you do not know exactly what the ingredients of the product with chemical names are, you can avoid buying products that contain ingredients such as alcohol and paraben. There are also websites where product ingredients are reviewed and graded in terms of chemicals. You can also check Avon Catalogue December 2022 before buying the cosmetics you have chosen. Thus, you choose the cleanest product in terms of chemicals with Avon.

Glossy Lips

In the past years, we have used a lot of matte lipsticks and glosses. As of this summer, we are back to lips that shine and shine like candy. While moisturizing your lips with a clean lip balm and creating a shiny effect, you will also protect them from the drying effect of winter. A wide range of lip products can be browsable on Avon Brochure Philippines. View them!

Short Hair

This summer will be a brighter but more natural year than previous seasons. Short and natural hair is again among the trends that will be encountered this summer. Short, healthy and shiny hair will now be used instead of long, damaged hair that absorbs most of the energy and vitamins.

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