Avon Brochure August 2019 Permanent Makeup

The more important the makeup is, the more important the durability and permanent of the makeup so in this article, you will see how can you achieve this with the helping products of Avon Brochure August 2019?

Do you want your morning makeup to last for long hours? Tired of constantly renewing your makeup? If the answer to these questions is yes, these suggestions will be very useful to increase the permanence of your makeup!

Increases Foundation Permanence: Primer

Applying a primer to the face before make-up increases the make-up. Especially Avon Mark. Magix Primer to Go has a 3-fold increase in the lasting foundation. When you apply the primer, your skin becomes smooth and even. This creates a perfect foundation for your foundation. Your foundation will be 3 times more durable with this primer. If you want to see more details about it, browse on page 24 of Avon Brochure August 2019.

Fixes Makeup: Transparent Powder

Applying transparent powder on the foundation is one of the things to do to fix the makeup. For example, if the foundation is applied with a transparent powder after applying the foundation, the foundation becomes fixed and its permanence increases. For this, you can choose Avon Smooth & White powder. These powders create a velvety complexion without creating weight on the skin with their thin structure. You can check on page 18 of Avon Catalog August 2019 to see more details.

Famous make-up artists say that durable and long-lasting make-up has 3 simple secrets: base, foundation, and transparent powder. The transparent powder may be in powder form or in compressed form. You can choose which one you use more comfortably. You can also choose Avon Ideal Oil Control Pressed Powder as a pressed powder. Gives skin a bright appearance while fixing makeup.

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