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We took the subject of collagen into consideration and share Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots from Avon Brochure March 2021. Now is the time to share this information with you. As you know, collagen is one of the most important agenda items of recent times.


Collagen, in its simplest definition, is a protein formed by fibroblasts and other cells. Let’s explain the fibroblast immediately; Fibroblast is the basic cell of connective tissue and has very important functions in the body. The most important task of fibroblasts is to produce collagen and elastin. They are extremely important for the skin. It provides brightness and flexibility to the skin. It is also responsible for activating the organism’s wound healing system when any skin damage occurs.

The main task of collagen in skin and muscle cells is to strengthen the connective tissue and maintain body integrity. Collagen, which gives strength, vitality and flexibility to the skin, also helps to hold joints, tendons and organs together.

What are the benefits of Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots?

The amount of collagen starts to decrease as we age. Collagen loss, which increases with aging, causes problems such as skin dryness, wrinkles, cellulite, joint disorders and decreased elasticity.

Collagen becomes deficient not only with aging, but also due to stress, smoking, excessive sun exposure, unhealthy diet and vitamin C deficiency.
With regular collagen supplements, the amount of collagen in the skin, joints and muscles is preserved, and skin aging slows down. Vision problems and joint ailments that occur with age decrease.

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