A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

In this article, you will see a simple everyday makeup routine with Avon Brochure November 2021! When you check this Avon Catalogue, you will encounter special beauty tips and good Avon product recommendations. Let’s discover them!

The make-up fashion, which includes many styles such as extraordinary, natural, wet or matte finish, has been returning to nature in recent years. Natural make-up that seems to disappear is also a great option for daily make-up style. What is this used in daily makeup? It leads him to seek an answer to his question. In daily make-ups, where mostly natural, non-existent make-up styles are preferred, sometimes adding color also provides a very fun look.

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

What is used in daily make-up? If it is asked, we can say that what we need is a few pieces of product and a moist skin. Indispensable parts of daily make-up; foundation, powder, mascara and a light blush. Of course, you can add or remove a few more pieces that will be shaped according to the combination and the environment you will be in. Silvery and glittery products are not preferred in daily make-up, which is usually an understated style. Let’s follow steps below and try the best Avon Products! There are many good products on Avon Catalogue November 2021! Here you go!

Step by Step Daily Makeup;

After a small and effective skin care and moisturizing process, your skin is ready for your daily make-up. This detail is also an excellent way to protect your skin. The last step before starting make-up can be a sunscreen cream that you can use as a base and does not leave any residue. After these steps, we can move on to makeup. If you have dark circles under the eyes, you can apply concealer with small touches after foundation. Then you can perfectly match your mascara with a dipliner or just a nude eyeshadow.

Favorites from AVON November 2021 Brochure PDF;

  • Avon Perfect Wear Eyeshadow Quad 5g, P239.40
  • Simply Pretty Eyeshadow Duo, P96
  • Simply Pretty Rollerball Eyeshadow 1g, P83.40
  • Avon Flawless Concealer Stick, P168
  • Ideal Oil Control Plus 2-In-1 Matte Foundation 18g And Concealer 1.5g, P239.40
  • Simply Pretty Shine No More Concealer Stick Shade Neutral Light Medium 4g, P109
  • Avon Power Stay 18 Hour Concealer 3 ml, P249
  • Avon Power Stay 18 Hour Cream-to-Powder Foundation 9g, P239.40

Popular AVON Makeup Products;

Colored moisturizer foundation and transparent powders are very popular in daily make-up. In this way, you can achieve a flawless appearance while ensuring color equality with a light skin make-up. You can complete your daily makeup with a lipstick in nude tones and a light blush that gives natural pinkness. You can combine your daily make-up style with street fashion, or you can use it to highlight your combination.

Daily Makeup Tips;

Your skin should be clean and moisturized when starting daily makeup. This both supports the integrity of the make-up and gives a smoother look. A deep cleansing tonic and intensive moisturizing care would be good options for this. In the selection of foundation, besides choosing the most suitable tone for your skin, you should also consider its suitability for your skin type.

AVON Cleansers;

  • Clearskin Blemish Clearing Spot On Instant Gel 15g, P99
  • Clearskin Pore And Shine Control Smooth Exfoliating Scrub 75 ml, P189
  • Blackhead Clearing Soothing Exfoliating Cleanser 125ml, P189
  • Clearskin Blemish Clearing Clean Refreshing Toner 100ml, P149
  • Clearskin Pore And Shine Control Deep Purifying Toner 100ml, P149
  • Pore And Shine Control Mattifying Moisturizer 75ml, P199
  • Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Clarifying Toner 100ml, P149
  • Clearskin Blemish Clearing Jelly Mask 100ml, P249
  • Blackhead Clearing Liquid Extraction Strip 30ml, P179
  • Clearskin Pore And Shine Control Black Mineral Mask 75ml, P299

AVON Foundation;

If you have dry skin, choosing a foundation with a wet finish would be appropriate. Also, those with dry skin can get a better look by using a make-up fixer instead of powder. Those with oily skin can use transparent or terra cotta powder in addition to the matte finish foundation. Avon Power Stay 18 Hour Cream-to-Powder Foundation 9g can be a good choice! Browse Avon November 2021 Catalogue and see more details!

In addition, it should not be forgotten that foundation and powder should be used on the neck area with light touches. This gives unity by eliminating color unevenness. Make-up products, which are indispensable for women, are another name for perfection when used correctly. When applying skin make-up, adding a few minutes between foundation and powder applications will also allow the make-up to sit on your skin better.

So here is A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine with the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines! For more Avon Products and deals, visit the home page!

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