7 Lip Liner Tips for Fuller Lips

In this article, you will encounter 7 lip liner tips for fuller lips with Avon Brochure June 2021 Philippines! Lip liners are one of your strongest allies for fuller lips. So, how can you use these products in the most correct way and how can you benefit from lip liners in the most effective way? Discover the details that you can apply and pay attention to for the illusion of big lips.

Correct Undertone

It is important to find the right undertone when choosing a lip liner! Whether you want to use it with your lipstick or with your natural lip color, choose a lip liner that will not grin in the frame and continue from the same color family. If you want to view the best lip products, visit the Avon June 2021 Brochure PDF! There are many good selections at low prices.

The Most Popular Avon Products for Lips;


Creating symmetry and balance should be your priority for a more pleasant result while enlarging your lips with a lip liner. Fill in the inequalities in your lip with a liner, taking into account your lip size and face shape. You should try Avon True Color Glimmerstick Lip liner for a more pleasant result. See Avon Catalogue June 2021 for more details about it!

Sharp Line

Especially when using dark lipsticks, a frame with clean borders gives a clearer and more contouring finish. Therefore, make sure that the tip of your lip liner is sharp enough and perfect minor imperfections with the help of micellar water, cotton buds or concealer.

Shadow Tint

The shadow tones that you will apply around the lips will give the lips a more prominent and fuller effect. With a taupe colored liner in skin tones, go one click outside of your lip outline and gently blend the product into the skin. Simply Pretty Lip & Cheek Tint can be good choice for this step. See Avon June 2021 Catalogue for more products and details!

Natural Transition

A full frame view removes the naturalness of the illusion. To avoid this situation, after determining your limits, fill your lips inward and blend the product onto the lips with your finger, makeup brush or a cotton swab.


The ombre effect you will make with a lip liner is one of the most popular weapons for fuller-looking lips. You can follow two different ways for this. You can achieve a natural transition with a dark liner and light lipstick duo with the same undertone, or you can try new looks in the make-up game with combinations of different tones. Also, you can find all the lip makeup products you need on Avon June 2021 Brochure. The prices of many products have dropped. Don’t miss these opportunities!


You showed your lips fuller with the shadow play you applied to the outer frame; Show your lips fuller with shadow games you will apply to the inner frame. Draw a short line in the middle of the lower lip and in the middle of the two halves of the upper lip with a liner of a darker shade than the lipstick you will apply, and distribute it lightly with your finger. Then apply your lipstick. This tiny shade will accentuate your lip knuckles.

Here are 7 lip liner tips for fuller lips with Avon Brochure June 2021! For more Avon Products and tips, go to the home page. Also, follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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