5 Tips to Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Discover 5 tips to make your fragrance last longer with Avon Brochure October 2020! You wore your combination, did your make-up and hair, and tightened your signature perfume to complete your beauty. So, what should you do to make this scent that will leave a trace behind you more permanent and that you do not refresh it frequently during the day? Discover 5 tips to get the full effect from your perfume.

First, moisturize your body.

The permanence of the perfume decreases on dry and flaky skin. Think of moisturizer like a make-up base. After taking your shower, pamper your body with an unscented moisturizer and then apply your perfume.

Choose the right formula.

The fragrance and permanence of each perfume are different in every skin, but there are two points that do not change. Eau de Parfum formulated products are always denser and more permanent than Eau de Toilette ones. For a stronger fragrance, choose your perfume from EDP products. As for the second rule, let’s point out that spicy and hot fragrances tend to set on your skin more than others.

Do not rub your wrists together.

If you are one of those who rub their wrists together when spraying the perfume, think again. Perfume formulas are not like skincare products. Unlike skincare products that are fed to the skin, when you rub your perfumed wrists or your neck, you are very likely to spoil the formula. Be careful to stay away as this application affects both the fragrance and the permanence.

Fix the perfume with petroleum.

We all know where the perfume should be applied specifically: to the shooting points, namely the inner wrists, neck, inner elbows, and back of the knees. A petroleum-based product that you apply to these points prepares a texture that will hold the perfume and provides a permanent smell by preventing the perfume from evaporating immediately.

Store perfumes right.

Yes, the appearance of the perfumes you put on your make-up table can be wonderful, but the oils and essences in the perfume formulas that are sensitive to sunlight deteriorate over time, which affects the smell and permanence of the perfume. Storing perfumes away from sunlight, even in their original boxes, is the most effective solution for this.

One more note: Be careful not to store your perfumes in the bathroom, as these oils and essences are also sensitive to moisture.

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