5 Manicure Trends You Can Apply At Home

You may not have been able to care for your hands because you could not go to the beauty salon so we share 5 manicure trends you can apply at home. After making your practical home manicure in a few steps, it will be time to add color, design, and fun to your nails! If you are bored with classic nail polishes, we have listed the 5 most popular manicure trends of the season that you can apply at home. Also, we share Avon Brochure March 2020! It is full of special products and deals. You shouldn’t forget to check out this Avon Catalog!

French Ombre

Don’t let the ombre designs scare you. It is much easier to make a clear and smooth french manicure. You can do this with a make-up sponge that you do not use, a latex mask to prevent product contamination around the nail, and a range of colors according to your preference.

Cut-Out Red

Half-moon manicures are among the favorites of both the summer season and the future. Red is the favorite color of this design. Using make-up tapes for cut-out application can be quite a practical method. Cut 10 pieces of tape with a nail clipper to get a curved shape in a short way, place it on the nail and apply nail polish. The trick is to remove the tape before the nail polish dries.

Multiple Choice

Here is the fastest, easiest manicure trend you can apply! Multiple-choice manicures, which have been the focus of the beauty world for the last few seasons, are renewed with optimistic tones, especially for the warm climate. Pastel rainbows, nude pinks, and soft terracotta transitions are popular color combinations.

Transparent Base

Sheer-looking, natural-looking, and animated with detailed touches are among the savior manicures of short nails. The key to this look is minimalism. Your only task is to choose your right nail sticker and apply your transparent nail polish.


In addition to logomania designs, slogans with messages are among the hits of nail views. We do not expect you to make fine details of the Dior monogram at home. That’s why our preference is for slogans. The app doesn’t have to be perfect. However, you can make your job easier by choosing slightly thinner nail polish.

Here are 5 manicure trends you can apply at home. If you want to see more tips, Avon Products, and deals, you can check out the main page! Also, you should follow us on our social media accounts such as Twitter to reach the latest Avon Brochure! Here you go!

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