Younger and flawless skin in one step!

Today, you will see some special tips for younger and flawless skin in one step with Avon Brochure May 2022 Philippines. You should read this article and follow the steps! By the way, you should focus on Avon products on this catalogue! Here u go!

Younger and flawless skin in one step!

When it comes to makeup tips, concealers tend to get most of the attention. After all, a few strategic points can diffuse fine lines, highlight cheekbones, mask dark circles and even make eyes look wider. But in the future, there is a product that will be much more preferred than this; white eyeliner. If you are looking for a good eyeliner, you should take a look at Avon May 2022 Brochure PDF! They are many useful products on this leaflet!

Let us introduce you to concealer’s latest competitor, the thin yet powerful white eyeliner. You can have a face with a few lines of eyeliner and a raised, almond eye shape. Let’s explain with amazing Avon products recommendations!

How to use white eyeliner for an upturned look?

White eyeliner has its advantages. Many use white or cream colored pencils on the lower part of the eye to make their eyes appear larger. It also has a broad effect to brighten the eye area, similar to how you highlight it to highlight the cheekbones.
So why not grab this trusty eye highlighter and use it as a highlighter? Essentially, it functions like a lighter shade of concealer, brightening and highlighting certain areas of your face; however, a plain white color can create extra contrast.

AVON Products for Eyes;

After browsing TikTok, we came across a few illuminating posts: A user applies this pencil under the brow bone, outer corner of the eyes, corner of the mouth, and under the cheekbones to define an upturned face and area.

Here is the step-by-step:

Create a triangle shape at the outer corner of the eye as if you were drawing a cat eye (without lining your lash line).

Next, draw a line from the corner of your mouth up to the tail of your brow.

Apply a few strokes under your cheekbone, then follow just below your brow bone.

Tap with your finger to blend all areas (the more you blend, the finer highlights you’ll get). Feel free to reline areas with illuminator for an extra burst of shine or bronzer for even more definition.

So here are some tips for younger and flawless skin in one step and special Avon products from Avon Catalogue May 2022! For more products, deals, and catalogues, go to the category page. You will always see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines here.

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