Why Your Skin Gets Dry In The Winter?

In this article, you will see some information about why your skin gets dry in the winter. Also, we shared Avon Brochure November 2020. You should browse Avon Products on this Avon Catalogue and get the best at low prices. Let’s come to our topic! Your skin needs extra care during the winter months. We investigated the causes of the skin that gets more dry and sensitive at this time of the year.

Cold weather

In winter, the humidity in the air decreases; In cold and dry weather, the water on the skin evaporates faster. Since strong winds also have an aggressive effect on the skin, the negative conditions of the winter season are very effective in the drying of the skin.


In the hot summer climate, we feel more thirsty and need to drink water frequently. However, this is not the case in winter. The cold climate of the winter season does not remind us of our thirst, and this causes the skin to dry more.

Hot shower

Although long, hot showers and baths are instantly good in cold weather, they actually damage your skin. This activity, which allows the skin to be purified from its natural oils, causes the skin to dry faster.


While they prefer more fluid, soft textures in summer, winter clothes are more textured and aggressive. This can cause sensitive or eczematous skin to become more irritated, exfoliate, micro-wounds, and inflammation.


We spend more time indoors in winter. However, the heaters used to reduce the humidity in the air. It evaporates water from the skin and dries out mucous tissue. Therefore, the skin and lips are more prone to flaking and hardening.

Wrong Moisturizer

While external factors behave so harshly on your skin, using moisturizers that are insufficient, lightweight, and do not contain ingredients such as ceramide that update the moisture barrier cannot prevent the skin from drying. You can find moisturizers for every skin type on Avon November 2020 Brochure pdf. Moreover, their prices are very reasonable!

Wrong Cleaner

In the winter months, you should prefer your moisturizer from products with intense formulas, while you should prefer your cleanser from light and sensitive formulas. The harsh cleansers reduce the natural oils of the skin and cause more drying by weakening the moisture barrier.

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