Why SPF Is So Important

Today, you will see some information about why SPF is so important with Avon Brochure July 2020! SPF is now part of our beauty products. So what makes SPF so important and necessary? Why should there be products with SPF in our daily routine? 75% of the aging in our skin is caused by environmental factors, and mostly from UV rays.

When we use a skincare product with a sun protection factor (SPF), we can reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on our skin. Therefore, it is very important to use products with SPF in daily life.

Care products with SPF are important for our skin;

1) When you use a product without SPF, you can protect your skin by applying a product with SPF on it. Because not every cosmetic has SPF.

2) It may be the other way around; When you use a product that has both a sunscreen feature and moisturizes the skin, you do not need to apply a protector on it. So a product with SPF alone can sometimes be quite enough. But if your humidifier is without SPF, you may need to apply a product with SPF. Because a product without SPF moisturizes your skin, but it does not protect it from UV rays. Therefore, products with SPF must be included in your daily maintenance routine…

3) SPF protects the skin from the obvious effects of aging, especially due to UV rays such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dullness, and blemishes. As a result of the researches, if the products containing SPF are used regularly, it has been proved that the observable signs of aging decrease.

Is it necessary to use SPF products in winter too?

Our skin is also vulnerable to sun rays in the city, especially when pollution and UV rays come together, it harms the skin. Moreover, we are exposed to UV rays not only in summer but also in winter. That’s why we should use SPF products in daily routine in winter.

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