Which Mask To Use Against COVID-19

Coronavirus frightens the world. People who want to be protected from the virus spreading over dozens of countries are looking for solutions to protect against coronavirus. Humanity has struggled with many epidemic diseases throughout history. these epidemic diseases killed millions of people. As technology develops, the incidence of epidemics has decreased, but humanity is now struggling with a new epidemic. The Coronavirus has spread to tens of countries and threatens the health of millions of people. No cure has yet been found for the virus, which continues to spread rapidly with each passing day. So the only thing that uninfected people can do is protect themselves. At this point, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is masks. There are different types of masks, but which one really protects against the virus? Let’s look at the virus mask types and protection rates together.

1. Surgical mask

One of the first things that come to mind when it comes to masks is surgical masks. These masks are often used in hospitals, surgeries, and of course in environments that need to be sterile. Its main purpose is that doctors do not infect any bacteria or viruses in cases such as sneezing, coughing during surgery. However, this mask does not provide full protection for viruses that can circulate in small particles in the air. Viruses circulating in the air can enter the respiratory system through the spaces created by the mask. It is also known that the coronavirus can be transmitted from the eyes. Surgical masks can only provide a little protection when someone directly sneezes or coughs.

2. N95

The mask, produced according to the USA standards and called N95, provides much more intense protection than surgical masks. The mask named N95, which is recommended to be used by personnel who are especially interested in cases with the possibility of carrying the virus, can filter 95% of small particles in the air. N95 masks, which are much thicker and provide intense protection compared to the surgical mask, can hold particles smaller than 5 microns.

However, the most important thing to consider when wearing these masks is that no gap is left in any way. On the other hand, this mask is very difficult to use because the mask filters the air by 95%, making it difficult to breathe. After a while, it can make breathing difficult and create a feeling of claustrophobia. Most importantly, although the mask provides a great deal of protection in the respiratory tract, it does not prevent the virus from being transmitted through the eyes. As it is known, coronavirus can also be found through the eyes.

3. Dust Mask (FFP2-FFP3)

Masks with FFP codes are produced according to European standards. Just like in N95, it varies according to its filtering properties. Dust masks that protect against fine powders, oil and water-based mists and metal fumes are also used to protect against coronavirus. The mask named FFP2 provides 94% protection, while the mask named FFP3 provides 99% protection.

4. Half face gas masks

It covers half the face and provides a high level of protection in the respiratory tract. Unlike other masks, these masks, which are reusable and more durable with exhalation valves, offer 99.95% protection. Standard disposable masks provide a lifetime of 8 hours, but much longer than N95. It is generally preferred in working areas with heavy materials such as mining.

5. Full face masks

There are claims that the Coronavirus can also be transmitted from the eyes. For this reason, experts recommend that you do not rub your eyes with your hands, especially when you are outside, and also protect your eyes from people who show signs of disease with you. However, the 3 masks above are not enough to protect the eyes from the virus. For this reason, those who want full protection prefer full face masks.

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