Ways to Increase Collagen in Your Skin

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Collagen referred to as a source of youth. It is a frequently talked about topic in the field of beauty. Collagen is the most abundant fibrous protein found in bones, muscles, tendons and skin in the human body. It’s also the main component of connective tissue. It holds your body together and allows the tissues to withstand tension.

Collagen generally shows positive effects due to its role in maintaining the firmness of our skin. It makes up 25% of our total protein content. Also it has great tensile strength and, together with soft keratin. It is responsible for the durability and flexibility of the skin. This partly explains its role in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Find out what you can do to increase the production of collagen in your body. Especially, you should focus on Avon Anew series! They are on a mission to increase skin elasticity and care! View Avon Catalogue July 2021 in detail!

What affects our collagen level?

From the age of 30, our collagen production naturally decreases, which leads to an increased likelihood of skin thinning and the formation of wrinkles due to loss of elasticity. The decrease in the flexibility of our skin structure due to the decrease in the quality of collagen also causes weakening of the cartilage structure and affects our joints.

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Excess sugar, refined carbohydrates, and smoking can inhibit collagen’s ability to repair itself and cause collagen loss. However, during pregnancy, a woman’s hormones alter the metabolism of collagen to make the skin more elastic. Therefore, it becomes more important to support skin health during these months.

Vitamin C is a natural ingredient that boosts natural collagen production. Without it, your body cannot produce collagen. Adopting a diet rich in vitamin C or taking supplements when necessary can contribute to improving skin health.

How do you increase collagen?

Our body produces procollagen, a precursor to form collagen. It combines the amino acids glycine and proline with vitamin C. Therefore, you can support natural collagen production by consuming foods rich in these.

It may also be helpful to focus on a protein-rich diet. Consuming supplements is another way to increase collagen in your body. Keep in mind that there are several supplements that contain different types of collagen targeting skin or bone health, and you should consider this when choosing.

Maintain your youthful glow!

Sunlight, environmental pollution, and blue light from our laptops, televisions, and phones, combined with our daily habits, can reduce our skin’s natural antioxidants. This causes wrinkles and tired skin. Try Avon Anew series to protect your youthful glow from all these negativities. Avon anew series of face care products with innovative SPF that helps the skin to glow, contains ginger root and antioxidant vitamin C & E.

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