Tricks to Make Your Makeup Look Natural

View useful tricks to make your makeup look natural with Avon Brochure April 2021! The natural make-up wind blowing on the podiums also affects the streets. While No makeup makeup underlines the natural beauty, small tricks give the secret of a more groomed look. Here are simple but life-saving tricks for those who love the natural look, those who want to achieve a close to nature look while wearing makeup!

Beauty From Moisture

The key to natural beauty is skin beauty. No make-up can overcome the beauty of a smooth, spotless, clean and radiant skin. If you are one of those who want your skin to dazzle with its natural shine, you should not neglect regular care and moisture therapies. After cleaning your skin twice a day, you can complete the care routine by moisturizing. You can reinforce the healthy appearance with weekly moisture masks and special treatments. There are many good moisturizers and masks on Avon April 2021 Brochure. See them and buy the best at cheaper prices!

AVON K Beauty Collection – Cica Smoothing Sheet Mask

You can use oil-absorbing make-up wipes for the occasional deterioration of sebum balance, perspiration and excessive shine. Thanks to the special papers that absorb oil when pressed on the skin, you can get rid of the shine that creates an oily appearance without even applying powder to the skin. You can preserve your natural beauty for a longer time by considering the sunscreen effect in moisturizing.

Also, you should check the UVA and UVB protection of sunscreen products. And repeat the products every two hours during the day. If it is difficult to apply sunscreen on make-up skin, you can choose spray sunscreens and spray it on make-up. There are many good masks like Naturals Rose Sheet Masks and Naturals Lime Brightening Sheet Masks. View Avon Catalogue April 2021!

Prepare Your Skin for Makeup

Since you will make a light make-up, you should prepare your skin well for cosmetic products. A beautiful and clean skin is only possible with clean pores. Before skin make-up, you should definitely use some primary makeup products that will shrink the pores and help make-up on the skin smoother. Thanks to the bases that you can use on both the eyes and the face, even the thin foundation you will apply will be much more permanent, your skin will become the center of attention with its pore-free.

A Thin Foundation

Instead of oil-based and high coverage foundations, you can choose thin water-based products or BB creams. You should definitely use a brush or sponge while applying the foundation. If you prefer liquid foundation, you should get the product with a brush by pouring a few drops on a metal table and apply it in this way. Applying directly from the bottle to the brush may cause the product to be pushed to the bottom of the brush. So view Avon April Brochure and discover the best foundations!

AVON True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation

And cause you not to notice the amount you use. The foundation, which is well moisturized, primed and applied on dry skin, is evenly distributed over the entire face. Make sure that the selected product color is equal to the skin tone. A few drops of foundation will be enough for the whole face. Contrary to popular belief, for the under-eyes, a shade of dark product should be chosen. Thus, the bruises and swelling under the eyes can be easily camouflaged. Wrong color choices can cause an artificial and excessive make-up appearance. When color is taken, it is selected by trying it on the neck and wrist. There are many good foundations on the latest Avon Brochure. Check it out!

Nude Touches to the Eyes

Assertive colors in eyeshadows are not compared to natural makeup. Nude headlights that will create depth in the eyes are sufficient for a natural look. You can give the eye the deep and striking look you want with a light illumination to the eye fountain and the headlight that darkens towards the temple. And you can look like makeup-free. A thin dipliner or dark color difference application to the eyelash base should be your most assertive choice for the distinctive eye line. Thick eyeliners and false eyelashes have no place in this make-up. It is enough to apply mascara several times to your curled eyelashes with eyelash scissors or fix with transparent mascara instead of intensive mascara application. Are you ready to dazzle with the natural beauty of your eyes? View the latest Avon Brochure Philippines to check best products for your eyes!

Strobing & Counturing

The fresh look of natural make-up is reinforced with two applications. You should specialize in strobing and counturing applications, which are the favorite of make up artists. You can start the procedures immediately with bronzers with a few shades of dark color of your skin and an highlighter suitable for your skin tone. Also, you can clarify your facial features with the bronzer applied under the cheekbone, under the chin, the tip of the nose, around the forehead and the nose. Using less product, you can achieve natural shadows and highlight the highlights of the face.

AVON Mark. Dual Glow Cheek Color & Highlighter

The secret of the natural applications of strobing and counturing is the make-up in the right light. Unfortunately, when you make up in front of a mirror that gets the light from the wrong place, an intense make-up and old look becomes inevitable. You can give your facial features the definition you want in front of a mirror where you get light from the opposite side. And use natural light if possible. The impression of a Hollywood cheek, a bony face, a narrower forehead and a long chin is possible with two applications. Of course, on condition that you have the right brushes with you.

Moist Your Lips

Moist lips, nude colors, lip moisturizers are indispensable for natural makeup. Assertive red lipsticks and colorful lips are not included in this make-up. You can moisten your lips with an ordinary preservative and top off with a lipstick in natural lip colors. Even if you are going to use a lip liner, you should be careful that it is the same color as the lip and is lightly applied. If you want to complete the natural look on the lips with fullness, you can brush your lips with a toothbrush before lipstick and make them plump with a peeling effect. Removing the dead skin on the lips with a silk scrub, sugar or brush once a week will also help you to have healthier and more well-groomed lips.

So here are tricks to make your makeup look natural with Avon April 2021 Catalogue. You can check out more Avon Products and offers from the home page. Also, follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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