Top 5 Skin Care Mistakes With Avon Brochure November 2019

Today’s topic is about Top 5 Skin Care Mistakes With Avon Brochure November 2019. I recommend that you browse this catalog before you start. It is full of special discounts and useful products. If you are lack of some cosmetics such as personal care or makeup products, you must browse it. We all think we’re doing skincare, but skincare doesn’t mean just applying a moisturizing cream or washing the skin. Here are the 5 most common skincare mistakes we make.

We have to clean our skin correctly

Skin cleansing is the most important and essential ingredient of skincare. You can make the application you want can take the cream you want on a beautifully cleared skin, but the result will be frustrating. It is important to clean the skin correctly and regularly for beauty care to be effective. Using a product without skin cleansing in skin cleansing can cause harm instead of benefit. It is not possible to believe that only skin is cleaned with water, especially considering the dirt, dust, and smoke that our skin is exposed to during the day.

The second mistake is to choose a cleanser for your skin and not for your pocket. You should definitely see a dermatologist or at least know your skin so that you can choose a cleanser for your skin type.

Cleansing Products From Avon Brochure November 2019;

The biggest mistake about makeup is sleeping with makeup. Evening makeup products that get cold and clog all your pores when you stay on your face during the night. Bacteria formed during this period cause acne and redness problems. Another notorious mistake is to attend the evening’s event with morning make-up. You should clean your skin during the day and make a new makeup application before going out in the evening.

Hair removal is a fact of the lives of all women. However, hair removal is the first method that comes to mind when the network is irritated to the skin due to its high temperature and can cause sagging of the skin at an early age. There is also a high risk of infection because it is a traumatic condition for the skin. The hairs that grow after waxing are so thin that they cannot find their way and may cause inflammation and wrecks. Epilators are the most frequently recommended methods of epilation. Epilators are much more effective than waxing because they can be used at the speed you want, both wet and dry and massage features. It also removes hairs that cannot be removed from the wax and provides smoothness for a long time. The sensitive caps are adapted to every part of your body and to the curvature. Therefore, it is the only epilation method that can be used safely in every region from the genital area to armpit and from legs to face.

Applying the right moisturizer

Moisturizers used without knowing your skin type disrupt the natural balance of the skin and can cause unwanted problems such as acne. It is also not enough to apply moisturizer only once in the morning. Our skin needs moisturizing during the day. Using the product you use in the morning at night is another mistake. Since the working balance of the body is different day and night, the skin also needs a different product. You should choose products that are suitable for your skin type and day and night difference.

Consuming too many acidic beverages will harm both your body and your skin. It contains acid and plenty of sugar to age the skin, wrinkles and makes it look unhealthy. Vitamin A, such as protecting the skin, rich in antioxidant nutrients, you can ensure the health of your skin.

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