Tips On Choosing The Right Perfume

Your perfume is like the signature that reaches the other party before you and leaves the place after you so we shared tips on choosing the right perfume with Avon Brochure August 2020 Philippinesé. While there are so many options in the market, it is not that easy to choose a perfume.

As much as your perfume reflects your personality, a perfume smells the same on every skin. As well as choosing the perfume, it is also very important to use it correctly to increase its permanence and to keep it long-lasting by keeping it properly.

Right Perfume, Right Time

The best time to find the right perfume is in the morning, as your sense of smell is more active. You can smell coffee to revive your sense of smell that has lost its former effectiveness after trying a few options.


If you learn some terms in the descriptions of perfumes, your job will be even easier. Top notes are the strongest scent you get when you first spray the perfume. The middle note appears after ten to fifteen minutes and stays on your skin for about a few hours. Bottom notes represent richer and more intense fragrances that you can get on your skin until the end of the day.

Therefore, even if you love the fragrance you smell when you first spray a perfume, do not rush, pay attention to what the middle and bottom notes are. If one of these is a scent you don’t like, you may want to consider another option.

Perfumes from Avon August 2020 Brochure;

Take Your Time

Sniff these tester sticks not just once, but also as you continue your normal life throughout the day. In this way, while the different notes of the perfumes emerge, you can understand more clearly which one you like the most.

You have chosen and purchased your perfume. Let’s look at how to use it properly. Since the fragrance of perfumes is not long-lasting on dry skin, it is recommended to moisturize your skin before spraying to increase the permanence of the perfume. The areas where the perfume is most permanent are the places where the veins are closer to the skin, such as the temples, inner arms, wrists, and the back of the knees. In addition, since these areas are warmer, they can transmit odor better.

Extend the Life of Your Perfume

Perfumes cannot preserve their fragrances for a long time in hot, bright, and humid environments. Keeping your precious perfumes closed and in a box and keeping them in moisture-free, cool and dark places ensures their long life.

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