Tips for Waterproof Makeup

Time to check out tips for waterproof makeup with Avon Brochure August 2020! You may have to make some changes to your beauty routine in these days when it is very important to go out on the street with a mask and when the weather is very hot.

Our foundation, which we always trust, and being able to prevent our lipstick from getting on our mask and face is a priority for all of us. We explained the tricks of applying water and sweat-resistant makeup.

Start with the moisturizer

Wearing a mask for a long time can cause irritation to your skin. You can use a more intense moisturizing cream than you normally use to prevent the mask from rubbing against your skin and scar formation with your every move throughout the day. Thus, the edges of your mask will not directly touch and irritate your skin throughout the day.

Remember to use the base

A good makeup base will ensure your makeup is durable all day long regardless of weather and moisture conditions. For this reason, you can use a matte or smoothing, fine makeup base, and prevent your foundation from getting on your mask and get a permanent look all day long.

Prefer lightweight foundation

You can equalize your skin tone with a lightly structured BB or CC cream that contains sunscreen while minimizing the risk of your foundation getting on your mask with its fine texture. As a next step, with the help of a fine concealer, you can camouflage the points you need and thoroughly feed your skin with bumper movements.

Fix with powder

The powders you will use to fix your skin make-up will be your savior in these periods. The powder you use will control the oxidation or shine of your make-up due to the temperature of the air, while also preventing it from getting into your mask.

Do not forget your eyebrows

One of the most remarkable points with your eyes is your eyebrows. Eyebrows that you will comb upwards with the help of a transparent eyebrow gel will make your expression more vivid and your eyes look bigger.

Mascara time

After curling your lashes, you can apply a water-resistant mascara. You can get a more natural look by choosing natural mascara colors such as brown, especially in the summer. Your eyes will look bigger if you start applying them from the lashes.

The last touches

After completing your makeup, you can choose a colorless lip moisturizer instead of lipstick. So your lipstick will not get on your mask. You can also fix your make-up with a make-up fixing spray so that it stays intact throughout the day.

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