Tips for Skin Care in Summer

Looking for summer skincare tips so let’s view tips for skin care in summer with Avon Brochure February 2023! I will tell you what you should pay attention to for a radiant skin! In summer, you have to deal with hot days that can cause your skin to dry out. So always choose a good day cream and apply pure aloe vera gel, for example after a day in the sun.

In addition, it is important to clean your skin properly on a daily basis, because your skin has to endure a lot! By choosing the right skin care in the summer months, you are less likely to encounter problems such as acne, roughness and redness. Read on these Tips for Skin Care in Summer with Avon February 2023 Brochure!

Clean your face well

First of all: cleanse your skin with a natural facial cleanser every day! At the end of a day, there is a lot of (invisible) dirt on your skin, such as bacteria and exhaust gas emissions. That’s why it’s important to clean your face thoroughly every day, and your moisturizer will absorb better too.

For example, choose a face wash with AVON argan oil. Avon has a lot of products with clean ingredients. With a natural facial cleanser, you can immediately remove your make-up and clean your skin. Tip: If you have easily irritated skin, choose a mild cleanser that isn’t too aggressive.

Choose a nourishing face cream

After thoroughly cleansing your skin, it’s time for the next step: face cream. It’s something I’ve used for years and can no longer do without. There are many nutritious products available at Avon Brochure! Choosing a cream suitable for your skin type is also important, of course, there are special creams for dry skin, sensitive skin or problem skin. Check out Avon and check out the best products!

Use aloe vera after sunbathing

Have you been to the beach for a day or sunbathing by the pool? Don’t forget to rub your skin with pure aloe vera gel afterwards, something that cannot be missed in your skin care in summer. Aloe vera gel naturally cools and relaxes your skin after a day in the sun. Even if you are burned, aloe vera is ideal because it promotes healing and allows your skin to heal better. Choose a pure aloe vera gel and ignore chemical after-sun sprays because they contain many ingredients that you would rather not apply to your skin.

Use a natural mask occasionally

If you’ve just gone on vacation, your skin is often dry from the sun. Additionally, heat can make you more prone to acne. So, grab one of these natural face masks every now and then to balance and hydrate your skin. Let’s browse Avon Catalogue and find the best solutions at low prices!

Prevent sun allergies

If your skin is exposed to UV radiation for too long, your skin can become damaged. This can certainly happen at the start of a holiday or in the first days of spring. Because your skin is not used to the sun yet.

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