Tips for Enjoying Spa at Home

In this article, you will see tips for enjoying Spa at home with special products of Avon Brochure January 2021! How about taking a few hours to yourself and having a total spa experience at home? We researched the essentials for your spa session where you will empty and refresh your mind, purify and care for your body and skin.


Details are very important to create a spa environment at home. Light a relaxing candle and make a soothing playlist. Avoid harsh and direct light that will disturb your focus.

Bathtub Pleasure

If you have a bathtub, your options are quite wide. Prepare a pleasant bath with relaxing, energizing, purifying or moisturizing bath salts or even flower petals if you wish.

Shower Session

It is possible to create an effective spa environment also in the shower. At this point, body scrubs and shower oil are among the things you should keep on your care shelf.

Body care

Your body care is not limited to shower and tub sessions. Before you contact with water, free your skin from dead skin with dry brushing and massage and increase your circulation speed. Complete your body care with a product that deeply moisturizes, regenerates and refreshes after drying.

Body Care from Avon Brochure January 2021;

  • Skin So Soft Ultra Glutathione With Vita C Hand & Body Lotion
  • Avon Care Oatmeal Body Lotion
  • Naturals Sunny Strawberry & Guava Hand & Body Lotion
  • Skin So Soft Ultra Glutathione With Vita C Creamy Body Wash
  • Avon Care Cooling Body Wash
  • Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Creamy Body Wash
  • Naturals Nourishing Milk & Honey Shower Gel

Luminous Skin

A healthy skin is a must for spa days. Use the bath steam to deeply cleanse your skin. Crown your beauty with a skin-supporting mask and skin massage.

Hair care

Do not neglect your hair care as well as face and body care. Before entering the bathtub or shower, you can apply a hair mask, and support the damaged hair strands with the care oil you will absorb and wait on your dry hair. In addition, massaging the scalp will relax you and increase the circulation in the skin and ensure the nourishment of the hair.

Pampering treats are indispensable for a spa session. Reward yourself with small snacks while in the bathtub, relaxing after showering and waiting for your care products to settle on the skin. You can either drink a soothing tea or fill energy with fresh fruits.

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