Things To Consider When Choosing Lipstick and Avon Products

In this article, you will see important points to Things To Consider When Choosing Lipstick and some product recommendations from Avon Brochure September 2019. Lipstick is the touch that complements makeup and adds color. Even women with very light makeup carry a lipstick in their bags. However, when choosing the lipstick used almost every day, some issues related to skin tone, hair color, and health need to be considered.

Lipstick selection should be careful because the wrong choices can cause all the makeup to be wasted. When choosing lipstick, skin, hair, eye and even tooth color are extremely important. Since lipstick is one of the most make-up materials that come into contact with our body by mouth, the active ingredients in the lipstick should be considered.

So how to choose lipstick?

By choosing the appropriate lipstick colors for your skin, eyes and hair color, you can make your face fit and make you look more vivid and energetic. When choosing lipstick according to your skin color, you should try on your lips instead of trying the lipstick on your wrists and decide whether the color suits you. It is also necessary to pay attention to the use of trial products with the newly opened lipstick brush.

Very light and light-skinned women;

they may prefer lighter pink and orange colors, especially when choosing lipstick. Those with thick and full lips should prefer darker colors. There are many tones in Avon Brochure September 2019. You should check lipsticks on pages 2 to 6 of Avon Catalog September 2019!

Medium and wheat skin color;

They may prefer red-pink, tile, orange shades, and purple-pink blended lipstick shades. Nude tones are among the colors that wheat skins can use both day and night.

Very dark and dark skin;

They should avoid light tones and try every shade of brown instead. Brown tones and soil colors will match both natural and skin color in those with darker skin. Brunette women with full lips can also use lipsticks such as burgundy and red, but if the lip structure is thin, they should avoid dark lipsticks and prefer more natural tones.

The Selection Of Lipstick According To Hair And Eye Color

Those with red hair can use salmon, pink, coral shades, and dark brown.

Those with brown hair should prefer beige, pink, coral and pink.

Those with brown hair should prefer close to purple-pink, light pink, red tones, caramel, and warm pink tones are ideal.

Those with black hair should prefer golden beige, orange shades, bronze tones, sour cherry, plum, and red tones.

Lipstick selection by eye color

When you make the selection according to your eye color, both your eyes and lips can come to the fore.
Those with brown eyes should prefer bright red and browns and bright pinks.
Blue eyes, sour cherry and different shades of red should prefer mainly.
Green-eyed people prefer to choose the tones of bronze and pink.

Do not ignore your health as you become beautiful!

The most important is our health before beauty. Lipstick is one of the most commonly used makeup products for women, but it is a product that does not pay much attention to its health.

Paraben, mineral oil, allergen perfume, active substances of animal origin, SLS & SLES and chromium, nickel, cobalt, Palladium, and Mercury should be preferred brands that do not contain heavy metals harmful. Therefore, although it is more expensive than other cosmetic products, it is extremely important to choose dermo-cosmetic products.

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