The Right Way to Apply Mascara

Today’s topic is about the right way to apply mascara with products of Avon Brochure September 2020 | Philippines. Before using mascara, using an eyelash curler with a silicone tip will make your lashes look longer than they are and create a false lash effect. After curling the bottom, if you take the tip of your lash and apply it again, you can achieve a more curved and dramatic effect.

You can use the curler after applying your mascara to keep the curl of the mascara until the end of the day. But make sure your lashes are thoroughly dry so that they don’t stick to the curler.

Using a black gel eyeliner inside your upper eyelid before using mascara makes your eyelashes look fuller and your eyelids look tauter.

To get an effective result from a mascara with a plumping feature, you can place the mascara brush on the bottom of the eyelashes and apply it by zigzagging left and right. When you apply it this way, the mascara increases the effect as it fills the eyelashes.

Moving the mascara upwards, on the other hand, will grasp the lashes one by one, which supports them looking longer.

To prevent mascara from getting on the eyelid, you can use a tabletop mirror below the neckline. By holding your head up and looking at the mirror from above, you reduce the possibility of the mascara you apply on your eyelids.

You can make your eyes look bigger by applying the remaining part of the mascara on the brush to the bottom of the lower eyelashes with the tip of the brush. You can get a practical and permanent smokey eye look by applying the same application in your night make-up and distributing it with q tips.

Mascaras by Avon September 2020 Brochure;

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