The Most Common Blush Mistakes Women Make

In this article, we will focus on the most common blush mistakes women make with Avon Brochure October 2020! The blush that gives color and energy to your skin can turn you into a clown when applied incorrectly. For this reason, you can find what you need to pay attention to when applying blush in this article.

When applying blush, you need to throw away the excess product on the tip of your brush. You can do this by tapping the edge of the blush lightly after taking the product on the brush, or by blowing on the brush. Thus, you can increase your blush in a controlled manner without applying too much product at a time. When you apply a lot of product, it will be very difficult to distribute the product. It can also pose a risk of spreading the blush all over your cheek area.

Distribute it

After applying the blush, you must distribute it. Otherwise, it will stop in two lines and this is not the image you want. After applying the blush, spread the blush by making circular movements with a clean blush brush with no product on it. While performing this procedure, be careful not to climb over the cheekbones as we mentioned above. You can distribute your blush towards the ear line from the place you applied.

Blush choice

The make-up you will make and the other products you will use are extremely important in choosing blush. If you are not going to use powder products such as foundation and powder, you can use cream blush. If you are going to apply heavy powder, we recommend you to use powder blush. Apart from that, there are also liquid blushes, you can get these blushes for more intense applications.

Correct brush

It is very important to use the right instruments when applying blush. It is the most important application in skin make-up after contouring. For this reason, you should choose the brush we use correctly. It will be useful to use a brush that does not take much product on it and is successful in dispersing the product. Of course, the structure of the blush you use is decisive in this regard. There are many brushes on Avon October 2020 Brochure. Browse it in detail and find the best options!

Here are the most common blush mistakes women make with Avon Catalogue October 2020! For more Avon Products, deals, and catalogs, you should visit the main page. And subscribe to us and follow us on Youtube!


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