The Effect Of Makeup On The Skin

Today’s topic is about The Effect Of Makeup On The Skin with Avon Brochure March 2020! Makeup is not an application that harms the skin when done with the right products. However, it is very important for the person to know the skin type and choose products accordingly! Here are the things to watch out for. Those with dry skin structure can use moisturizers that have moisturizing effects by taking makeup base and contain agents such as propylene glycol, glycerin, squalene. Depending on the makeup ingredients applied to dry, moisture-free, cracked, flaked skin, it may cause sensitivity and burning on the skin.

On the contrary, products with intense ingredients applied to the skin on oily and acne-prone skin clog pores and facilitate the formation of closed comedones, blackheads and inflamed pimples. People with this skin type can use pore reduction, mattifying, formulated moisturizers for oily skin before makeup. Also, people with an allergic structure should act selectively when using makeup products.

People with a history of contact dermatitis, eczema need to choose products that will not cause an allergic reaction, as they may be susceptible to dyes and chemicals. Especially, we often encounter sensitivity to the products used for eye makeup, and as a result, itching, redness, and dryness can occur in the eyelids. We recommend that those with such sensitivities try the skin patch tests before choosing a makeup product and choose the appropriate product accordingly.

Skincare Products From Avon March 2020 Catalogue;

The most difficult part when choosing makeup products is the choice of foundation. Determine your skin type and buy the foundation accordingly. Softeners-based, liquid or colored moisturizing foundations are more suitable for dry and combination skin. Powder-based mineral foundations, and tightened powder for oily skin… People with oily skin structures can easily use an oil-free or matte foundation. People with sensitive skin structure should pay attention to the content of the product while buying makeup, prefer organic products rather than chemical ones.

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