The biggest mistake in makeup!

In this article, we shared the biggest mistake in makeup with products of Avon Brochure May 2022! Makeup has been in our lives for thousands of years. Different techniques, different colors and products used bring together many options. In order to choose the right alternative among these varieties, you need to be sure of what kind of product you should use.

The biggest mistake in makeup

Although tips such as choosing the right color, the separation of night and day makeup or the correct application of layers are an important step in achieving the right makeup, more detailed points can make you look older than you are. Here are those mistakes and some Avon products we choose for you!

Foundation Selection

Foundation is one of the indispensable make-up products for all women in the world. Although it offers you the color range you need for a smooth and even skin tone, not choosing the right color and applying it in dense layers can make you look old. For this reason, you can have a younger look by choosing between BB and CC creams for a light tone, especially in daily makeup. See them on the latest Avon Brochure and buy them at cheapest prices!

AVON Foundations for you!

  • Ideal Oil Control Plus Dual Powder Foundation SPF 24/PA++
  • True Color White Dual Powder Foundation With Glutathione SPF 24/PA++
  • True Color Flawless Cream To Powder Foundation
  • Smooth & White Dual Powder Foundation SPF 24/PA+++
  • True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation
  • Mark. Nude Matte Fluid Makeup SPF 20
  • Avon True Color Power Essence Color Correcting Cushion
  • Avon True Flawless Ultramatte Cream To Powder Foundation
  • Ideal Oil Control Plus Dual Powder Foundation SPF 24PA++
  • Avon Serum Foundation
  • Simply Pretty Milk Tea Shine No More Pressed Powder
  • Matte Real Stick Foundation
  • Avon True Perfect Radiance Dual Powder Foundation Refill
  • Avon True Perfect Radiance Liquid Foundation
  • Ideal Oil Control Plus 2-In-1 Matte Foundation 18 G & Concealer

Intense Mascara Use

The use of careless and intense mascara causes the lashes to become heavier, causing you to look older than they are and make you look far from natural. If you think that mascara does not look full enough when using mascara, it would be a better step to create a slightly dark look on your eyelashes with eyeliner. If you are looking for a good mascara, you should take a look at Avon Catalogue May 2022. See them and buy the best at low prices!

AVON Mascaras;

Incorrect Contour Application

Contour, which has been very popular in recent years, can make you look quite old due to mistakes to be made during its application. For this reason, for example, while you want to show your face longer, you can make it look more tired and worn. It is very important at this point to pay attention to the colors you use while making the contour. Instead of an intense color, you can use natural blush tones and shimmer. There are many useful blushes and headlighters on the latest Avon Catalogue in the Philippines! See them!

AVON Blushes, Contouring, and Highlighting;

Incorrectly Defined Brow

Eyebrows are one of the parts that provide the best frame appearance on your face. If you have deep eye sockets, you should not make your eyebrows darker by making them too thick. This can cause a dense framing area on your face, making you look older. For this reason, it may be more accurate to capture a natural eyebrow color with light color tones.

AVON Products for Brows;

So here is the the biggest mistake in makeup with Avon May 2022 Catalogue. You should go to the home page and see more beauty tips and special deals. Also, check out the category page and see the latest Avon Brochure in the Philippines!

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